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Kgalema Molanthe, the interim South African President

Kgalema Molanthe, the interim South African President

Introduction: Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe is a former student activist, trade unionist and Deputy President of the ruling African National Congress (ANC). He was appointed president of South Africa by the South African National Assembly on September 25, 2008 after the dramatic toppling of Thabo Mbeki by his own party, just months before the end of his term. Motlanthe is expected to serve until elections next year. In the light of this development Ganesha tries to predict his future.

Surya Kundli:


Kgalema Molanthe, the interim South African President, has Sun in Cancer in opposition with Jupiter in Capricorn so he is over-optimistic, a bit lazy and fond of power. He has Mercury placed in its own sign Gemini with Mars. The strong Mars-Mercury conjunction gives him a good analytical ability that is in his character. His Mercury in Gemini squares Ketu-Neptune so he is vague, impractical and not always straight-forward. He may be enthusiastic in applying his thoughts and plans but due to excessively argumentative nature he may face problems with his colleagues. He has Saturn in sextile with Uranus so he will have some good ideas about reforms.

But his tenure as a President won’t be easy, views Ganesha. The month of November, 2008 looks edgy and stressful for him. His relationship with Jacob Zuma, the president of ANC and hopeful for Presidency after next year’s elections will rather get rattled in 2009. As the transiting Ketu is moving closer to natal Sun and transiting Rahu is getting closer to natal Jupiter he will have a roller coaster ride in the coming months, particularly, around elections in April 2009.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,