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Jawaharlal Nehru Astrological Profile

Jawaharlal Nehru Astrological Profile

Birth Details

Date of Birth: 14th November, 1889
Time of Birth: 23 hours 11 minutes
Place of birth: Allahabad, India

Greatness of Great and most discussed Ascendant

Jawaharlal Nehru was born with Cancer Ascendant, most discussed Ascendant in astrology. This Ascendant is often
understood just as the one carrying lot of diplomacy a politician requires. As per Ganesha’s view this Ascendant does not just only carry diplomatic qualities that a politician would require for his career but because it is
the first Watery Element Ascendant, has lot of receptivity, compassion, flexibility or adjustability and has ability to understand other’s problems and feelings. This is what makes them what they are!

Nehru has Moon in Cancer too, so as a leader, he was more attached to India, Ganesha would say. He had his heart in India. This gave him vision of future. He could actually see his position in India as well future of Indian Government with lot of clarity. Lot of people call him diplomatic and believe that he fixed the position of Prime Minister for
next three generations, for Nehru family. Ganesha feels that at least he had vision where to lead India after Independence and he also found that Indira Gandhi too had capability to do so. Ganesha does not find anything diplomatic in the same but yes, in politics, everything is seen as Diplomatic Act, which no one can help!

Janampatri By Our Experts.

Nehru is said to have Kaal Sarp Yoga in his chart, another most discussed fundamental of Astrology. This Yoga is formed when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Later, we also found details of Ardh Kaal Sarp Yoga, Partial Kaal Sarp Yoga and so on, which as per Ganesha’s view is of no use. There is also a group of astrologers who believe that if
this Yoga is formed between Rahu and Ketu it is Kaal Sarp and if it is formed between Ketu and Rahu, it is ‘Kala Sarp Yoga’. Controversies apart, here is a simple explanation to this.

Kaal Sarp Yoga is formed when all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Rahu being ‘Chhaya Grah’ or ‘Tamas’ has negative effect over the chart if Yoga is formed. Rahu is mouth and Ketu is Tail.

In Jawaharlal Nehru’s birth chart, Jupiter is placed with Ketu. Jupiter is at 15 degree and Ketu at 12 degree, so as it is, Ketu will move backward and will not cross Jupiter’s degree. More to this is our primary principle explained here, Rahu does not cross any planet in his chart thus Kaal Sarp is not formed, as per Ganesha’s view.

Jawaharlal Nehru was well read and well versed with Indian culture, as we all would generally be aware of his book
‘Discovery of India’ so well written and later serialised by great director Shyam Benagal.

Ganesha observes that Nehru has Venus and Mercury conjunct in Libra, aspecting Karma Bhuvan. He had art to present
things artistically and in balanced manner too. Ganesha also notes that he has Rahu, Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Air Signs. Man with lot of intellectual ability, capable of expressing in slightly different or say unconventional manner.

Like Cancer Ascendant is often misunderstood just by the consideration of only one aspect of it, Scorpio sign is also said to carry such misunderstanding. Firmness and down to earth approach that Nehru had is blessing of Scorpio Sun Sign. Scorpions too are possessive like Taurians but their ways and means would be different. Right from ‘Quit India’ till Nehru died, he tried his level best to give stability to India. Affirmation is also a blessing of this Sign.

Nehru Chacha’s birthday is celebrated as ‘Baal Din’ in our country. Ganesha would like to throw some light on this
aspect, astrologically. There are two strong Astrological reasons in his chart. One is, because he is born with Cancer Ascendant, which carries lot of warmth within, especially for younger ones, like they have respect for elder ones.

Another reason is in conjunction of Mercury and Venus. Mercury signifies young or youthful people and out old Shastras have given it dignity of ‘Yuvraaj’. Ganesha observes that Mercury’s close association with planet of love Venus made him fond of children and this same conjunction also enabled ability to receive similar response or love from
children. More to this, Ganesha observes that Mercury falls in the second Decant so it carries energy of Libra and Aquarius, both the signs. Libra is projection to the world or outside world and Aquarius i.e. Decant in which
Mercury falls is the sign or house of friendship as per natural zodiac. These two reasons made him popular as ‘Bachchhon ke Chacha Nehru’.

Many things can be foretold for his chart but these are most important and may be most hidden aspects of his chart. Ganesha signs of with Salute to this great personality.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,