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It’s an uphill task for the new CM of Andhra Pradesh, says Ganesha

It’s an uphill task for the new CM of Andhra Pradesh, says Ganesha

Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy, former Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker, who swore in as the new chief minister of Andhra Pradesh after Rosaiah resigned, citing health reasons, now faces the daunting task of strengthening a party ridden by dissension. Staunchly against the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, he has his task cut out with the pro-Telangana lobby gunning for a separate state, which includes the state capital- Hyderabad. That’s where it may hurt the
newly appointed CM the most, as he was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Reddy who has never held a minister’s post, although he was close to the former CM YS Rajashekhar Reddy, will be on test for his administrative skills too. The former Andhra Pradesh Speaker has already begun what is being seen as a tactic to suppress the Telangana movement by stating that he will be very strict about maintaining law and order.

While Kiran Kumar Reddy takes up the challenge of keeping Andhra Pradesh united, Ganesha uses the Vedic astrology system to find out what’s in the offing for the newly appointed chief minister.


Kiran Kumar Reddy took the oath of office as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 25-11-2010 at 12.14 PM in Hyderabad in Shuba Yoga and Balava Karana.

The following points may be noted in the Oath chart.

  • Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra but placed with Ketu in the 5th House.
  • The Ascendant sign is fixed and the sign of Navmansa Ascendant is also fixed. But Ascendant Lord Saturn is placed in the 8th House.
  • The Lord of 10th House, Mars is strong in its own sign in the 10th House.
  • Sun is placed in the 10th House.
  • Yogakaraka Venus is strong in the 9th House.
  • The 5th and 8th Lord Mercury is placed with 10th House Lord and debilitated in the Navmansa.

Considering all these factors, Ganesha feels that the KKR government will have better control in its administration and will function much better
than its predecessor. But at times, it will be adamant in implementing its policies without yielding to any pressure and that might create problems within the cabinet. The government will embark on popular welfare schemes, special schemes for poor and may also promote women in a big way. It may also fetch more foreign investments in Andhra Pradesh. The government will have adequate financial resources to implement its plans and policies. But the
striking feature of this chart is Moon’s placement with Ketu. The 6th House Lord, Moon is placed with Ketu in the 5th House. This is a weak disposition for ruling, and it can be a deciding factor. It indicates that KKR is going to have a tough time ruling the state. The government is likely to face serious
problems of internal party feuds and pinpricks from the opposition party. The period between 12th February and 5th May 2011 and again between 15th May and 6th October 2012 will be highly sensitive for his government. If he survives, he will be able to complete his full term as CM. It will surely be a troublesome tenure for him as the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team