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Israel-Palestine-Destined to be in conflict?

Israel-Palestine-Destined to be in conflict?

The bitter feelings between Israel and Palestine have taken their roots since 1967 with the Arab-Israeli war. On December 27, 2008 the Israeli air force launched an attack on Hamas, an Islamist militant group in Gaza. In the light of this matter, Ganesha predicts the future on astrological grounds.

Israel Chart

Palestine Independence Proclamation Chart

Israel’s beginning as a state was a result of constant conflict that is mirrored in the Israeli chart. It has Ketu in the Ascendant and Moon is heavily afflicted by Pluto and Saturn. Moon-Pluto-Saturn conjunction shows that Israel is the nation, which is constantly under the pressure to prove it’s existence and it’s worth. Saturn-Pluto conjunction is really challenging in the 10th house. Saturn is the planet of practicality and steadiness whereas Pluto likes to break down old structures. So, Israel is always striving for stability through restructuring. It’s a painful process anyway.

Israel also has Sun in the fixed sign, which is an indicator of nation’s spirit. So, Israel is as stubborn as a Bull and does not like to succumb to any pressure. Mars is in fiery sign, Leo in square with Sun shows the aggressive and combative nature and also makes Israel an arrogant nation, which does not like to digest the ideas of others easily. There is also an opposition of Jupiter and Uranus which gives the strength to destroy obstacles in its path to achieve the desired goal.

Israel’s brutal attack and aggressively stepping up the pressure on Gaza is really a threating sign for Palestine. As transiting Mars and Pluto formed their powerful conjunction in fiery Sagittarius, tension between Israel and Palestine escalated to dangerous levels. The Mars-Pluto conjunction falls in the 4th house of Palestine Chart and forming square with natal Mars, which is situated in the 7th house of close neighbor. It looks very risky and violent.

The Uranus-Saturn opposition on Leo-Aquarius axis till 06 April 2009 looks extremely challenging since Saturn occupies the inimical sign Leo. The furious results of this opposition between January 26 to February 13 is likely to result in another round of challenges in Israel and Palestine as well as political challenges for the US president. The transiting Rahu is approaching natal Moon of Palestine’s Chart and it will increase the frustration among the common people of the nation. It may bring significant changes in Palestine’s current political conditions and leadership between June and August 2009. The Rahu-Rahu period will continue through year 2009 and 2010. Rahu is placed in it’s own star Satatara in Palestine’s chart and Rahu is placed with Moon in the Navmansa chart. So frustration may grow in Palestine.

Israel’s chart looks extremely over heated in year 2009 with powerful Mars trine transiting Pluto and the forthcoming Solar eclipse will hit the 4th house of Israel chart on 26 January 2009. The transiting Rahu in Taurus Navmansa in the 4th House, of domestic conditions, of Israel’s chart indicates that Israelis won’t find rest in the coming months. Threat of dangerous explosions and increasing terrorist activities in Israel may disrupt the internal harmony till 15 March 2009. Neither Palestine nor Israel look to be coming out victorious from these confrontations. It may only deteriorate conditions in this region and give rise to doubt and distrust on both sides.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,