Predictions Is Rahul Gandhi a PM Material?

Is Rahul Gandhi a PM Material?

Is Rahul Gandhi a PM Material?

With the 2024 Lok Sabha elections nearing and BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s popularity soaring, the elections debates are surely hotting up. However, Rahul Gandhi’s appeal seems to be diminishing in direct proportion to this, and that is becoming a cause of Congress’ growing concern. The Congress party appears to be getting more and more desperate to do something to steal Modi’s show. The statement made last week by Rahul Ghandhi rejecting the ordinance passed by the cabinet to save convicted legislators from disqualification as “utter nonsense” only underlined this desperation. Whatever the real-politics behind it may be – whether it was stage-managed to start portraying Rahul Gandhi as a person capable of wielding authority, or whether it was a signal that the Congress has kick-started its election campaign with the newest Gandhi scion at its helm – is besides the point. The glaring point is that a party, which has dominated the Indian politics since independence, producing one charismatic leader after another, now appears to be teetering on the brink. Whether Rahul Gandhi can step in and salvage the party from total ruin by winning the Lok Sabha elections is something only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Ganesha with the help of Vedic astrology, tries to determine whether Rahul Gandhi has it in him to become the next Prime Minister of the country.
Rahul Gandhi’s Birth Chart
Birth date – June 19, 1970
Birth time – 05:50:00
Birth place – New Delhi


Ganesha notes that 10th House of a horoscope should be considered for the possibility of someone becoming very successful in politics, the Head of the State or nation. However, other Houses also contribute equally to the factor. In this Horoscope, the Natal Jupiter rules the 10th House which is retrograde. Plus, the House of Competition (6th House) is occupied by debilitated Moon. Moreover, the 6th House of competition and the 7th House of public support receive very lesser point in Rahul’s Ashtak Varga Chart. These planetary forces are reducing the young Gandhi scion’s chances of becoming the PM.

Secondly, the Cuspal Sub-Lord of the 10th House is Budha or Mercury, which is placed in the Moon’s star, which is Rahul’s enemy (astrologically speaking). As per the cusp chart, Shani or Saturn, becomes the Lord of the 10th House and as Shani/ Saturn is debilitated, it also loses strength to support Rahul Gandhi in his ambition of becoming the PM.

Surya/ the Sun, the significator of the Head of the State, is in Baal Avastha. Guru/ Jupiter, the Lord of the 10th House (as per the Nirayana system of Astrology), is in Baal Avastha too. As per the Cusp system, Shani/ Saturn, the Lord of the 10th House, is in Vriddha Avastha. Thus, from this perspective too, Rahul has no strong planetary support needed for becoming the Head of the State.

At present, the malefic Ketu is transiting over the Natal debilitated Saturn through the 11th House of Fortune in Gandhi’s Kundli. Ketu signifies deficit/ dissatisfaction. Hence, Ketu’s transit through the 11th House may not support him coming to power, but supports him to become a strong opposition leader. Moreover the 5th House of luck is also highly afflicted by the malefic Rahu and Saturn. This factor may also not support him, when it comes to the fulfillment of his desires.

What Then?
Summarily, Ganesha feels that Rahul Gandhi’s Rahu’s Mahadasha may bring a sudden positive change in Rahul’s fortune, due to its placement in its own star in the 9th House of his horoscope. His Rahu mahadasha will start from 27th March 2024.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,

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