Indian Army Chief’s visit to Russia

Indian Army Chief, Deepak Kapoor, is expected to visit Russia from June 23, 2008 to June 28, 2008 to discuss furthering of the bilateral ties and pending issues related to the transfer of technology of T-90 tanks.

Ganesha throws some light, with his astrological torch, on whether these matters will get delayed or there is something else in store for India.

The chart of India
Date of Birth – August 15, 1947
Time of Birth – 00:00″00
Place of Birth – Delhi


The chart of Russia (Flag hoisting event)

Date of Birth – December 25, 1991
Time of Birth – 20:45
Place of Birth – Moscow


Astrological Analysis
Ganesha observes that during Deepak Kapoor’s visit to Russia from June 18, 2008 to June 23, 2008, Mangal(Mars), the significator of the army and armed forces as well as the arms and ammunitions will be approaching conjunction with the transiting Shani.

Mars will be in Leo, a fiery as well as fixed sign.

Mars and Shani as well as the dispositor of both, Sun, will be under the opposite aspect of the transiting Guru.

In India’s horoscope, Guru is the lord of the eighth house of delays, obstructions, accidents, and mysterious developments.

In Russia’s horoscope Guru is the lord of the sixth house of labour, judiciary and financial solvency.

What will happen and How?

Ganesha feels that due to the labour problems, the involvement of the judiciary and the financial shortage that the country may be facing, the talks may get stalled or delayed. It seems that there is some further negotiation involved as Guru is retrograde and Guru as the significator of finances and Sun as the Lord of the second house of finances of Russia’s chart are involved.

There is also a possibility that due to the aggressive negotiations by the Russians, the issue will get delayed and the emotions of the Indian nation may get hurt. The aggressive negotiations may take place because Mangal, the Lord of the tenth house of Russia’s chart, will be approaching conjunction to natal Moon, in the second house of finance. The Indians will get emotionally hurt because Mangal will be in the fourth house of emotions.

In a nutshell, Ganesha feels that due to the above mentioned processes or reasons the talks and the desired outcome of the meeting may actually be a failure or at least decisions will be delayed and further negotiations may be decided upon for a later date.

Ganesha wishes India and Russia a long friendship.

Ganesha’s Grace
Rikhav Khimasia

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