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Godhra episode still stings Narendra Modi

Godhra episode still stings Narendra Modi

On the eve of Gujarat Election 2007, Tehelka, English weekly, has dug out a hot piece from Godhra urn. In a sting operation, the weekly has unmasked many top leaders of RSS, VHP and Bhartiya Janta Party, who have played controversial role during riots broken out after Sabarmati Express inferno. Ganesha looks into the matter and gives his observations.

Tehelka weekly linked Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi with the 2002 Gujarat riots through a series of sting operations. The BJP, however, dismissed the Tehelka ‘sting’ as a ‘collusive operation’.

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The whole episode comes to fore while transiting Moon passing through the 6th house of Modi’s natal chart separating from the Rahu situated therein causing a few awkward and anxious moment raising eyebrows of political leaders. The transiting Rahu is approaching the 6th house Lord Jupiter, indicating hyper activities from Modi’s opponents and rivals. The situation may worsen in coming months. Rahu in the 6th house of Modi’s chart has always given him strong enemies who have never missed a single opportunity to oppose but with his shrewdness and firm determination, Modi has cleared every acid test single-handedly and has come out as winner in the end. The transiting Mercury moving retrograde so we can expect media hype on this issue in next few days.

Ever since he entered the Sun Mahadasha, his enemies became more active and come out publicly blaming him on various issues. He is currently passing through the Sun-Mars period and Mars is strong in his natal chart but debilitated in both the D-9 and D-10 charts; this may create some worries for him. His opponents may try to tarnish his image during this election season and in year 2008 as well. He will have to be very watchful to save his public image till October 2008, as Rahu Bhukti may also prove difficult because Rahu is debilitated in D-10 chart. From November 2008, he may have major shift in his political career and in his role in the party as well.

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