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Ganesha says Meira Kumar will be an able Speaker

Ganesha says Meira Kumar will be an able Speaker

Meira Kumar is a well-known name in India’s political circle. Recently, she was unanimously appointed as the Speaker of the newly elected Lok Sabha. Not only is Meira the first woman Speaker, she is also one of the youngest.

This stupendous achievement may be partially because she is the daughter of Congress stalwart Shri Jagjivanram, who was once an influential figure in the party. But largely, it is because of her administrative skills and incorruptible dedication to her work, that she has been granted such a coveted position.

Meira faces a slew of challenges as Lok Sabha Speaker, with handling unruly, and at times violent, politicians on the Parliament floor being the foremost. She will also have to establish herself as an impartial head of the Parliament.

Ganesha analyses astrologically whether Meira has the ability to be a successful Speaker and how will she fare at her new job. Since her birth time is not available, Ganesha studies her ‘Chandra Kundli’.


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The first thing that draws attention is the Moon sign (Chandra rashi). Her moon sign is Libra (Tula). Librans are good at striking a balance. Tula means balance, with two pawns fitted with one stump in the middle.

In this electronic age, this balance (Tula) has become outdated. This means Meira will employ good, old-fashioned methods and do the balancing act perfectly. Even opposition parties are likely to swear by her impartiality. The rashi Lord Venus (Shukra) is placed in direct opposition to Moon along with Mercury. The proximity of Venus and Mercury makes the new Speaker an expert in solving complicated issues.

She is likely to be more than good in maintaining relationships. However, a little leaning towards the ruling party is likely as Librans generally favour those who are powerful and influential. Meira is not likely to offend the party in power and will find favour with the ruling coalition. Mars in her chart is under the influence of wise Jupiter. This also substantiates a balanced outlook.

The only negative point in the Lok Sabha Speaker’s chart is Saturn having square aspect over the Sun. This means she may put her mentors in awkward position at times.

In nutshell, Meira Kumar will prove herself as an able Speaker and a good administrator. She will be soon recognised by both the ruling coalition and the Opposition party as a non-partisan Speaker.

However, from around the second week of September, she will come under the influence of the first phase of Shani Sade Sati. This is likely to lead to mental and physical fatigue. She needs to be careful about her health, Ganesha observes. However, with Saturn (Shani) being ‘Yoga Karka’ for Tula rashi, Meira is most likely to prove herself as an able leader of the Indian Parliament, concludes Ganesha concludes.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bharat Trivedi