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Ganesha says Barack Obama will sing his way to success

Ganesha says Barack Obama will sing his way to success

Introduction: United States of America is on the verge of electing a government that may change the course of American policies. Ganesha predicts the outcome of the US Presidential election and the future of US economy with the help of the Vedic Astrology System.

Astrological points: Vedic, K.P. and Yogi, Ava yogi method.

Ganesha notes that the U.S.A.,has undergone many constitutional and compositional changes since its inception on July 4, 1776. Moon occupied Aquarius in Dhanishta constellation and second house Lord Mercury in conjunction with Rahu. Leo Ascendant was raising in the east and Yoga Karaka Mars occupies the 10th house with Sun, Jupiter. Tithi was Ashad Krishna Chathurthi, Preethi Yoga, Bhava karana and the day was Thursday. Saturn, the 5th cusp Lord also rules the 6th cusp. Ketu occupies fifth house which is significant, as he is playing major role in bringing the Super Power to its heel. Preethi Yoga is ruled by Ashlesha constellation ruled by Sarpa Devatha. Aquarius and Taurus are dagdha rashis.

What the future holds for U.S.A.?
Obama’s Ascendant is Capricorn. At present he is under the influence of Jupiter-Moon-Mercury period which will be helpful to him a great deal. The election date is also in Obama’s favour and that gives him a distinct edge over his conservative rival.

Ganesha says Obama must avoid complacency and should never ignore his safety.
Ganesha notes present sub period of Mercury and ensuing sub period of Ketu in 2009, signifies departure of Republican party and large scale restructuring of economy which will be painful but essential. President of U.S.A. may be hard pressed to explain his omissions and commissions in past eight years. This will also adversely affect ruling party in the ensuing presidential poll.

Ganesha notes that political and military equations may change dramatically. USA is on the verge of the beginning of a new era in its internal and external politics and that might change the entire global scenario in the next couple of years.

Next administration led by democrats will have many socio economic challenges and U.S. will become a much divided society due to ethnic minority clashes and internal security becomes a major issue due to violent happenings.

Barack Obama’s thinking and actions will involve lot of tact required in politics and will be able to succeed in getting the work done by implementing unconventional ideas, due to Rahu, Neptune, Jupiter transit through the Ascendant during the days to come.

May Ganesha bless the rulers to have wisdom to overcome these challenges and bring peace to the world.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Krishna Kumar A V