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Ganesha analyzes the ties that bind Britain and the United States

Ganesha analyzes the ties that bind Britain and the United States

Britain and the United States , the two nations with rising political stars are looking forward to ”recalibrate” their relationship. In the light of this, Ganesha analyses the latest episode of friendship between the top leaders. This study will focus on future relationships between Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and David Cameron.

Barack Obama
Chart analysis
Jupiter- the Lord of the Third House is debilitated, but due to the placement of Saturn in the Third House, the debilitation gets canceled and forms a Neechabhanga Rajayoga which confers name, fame and success. The Jupiter-Mercury opposition makes him intelligent and witty. The strong Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury makes him a talented lawyer and a teacher. Mercury becomes very powerful by being exalted in the Navmansa and also aspects the Ascendant and the Lord of the Ascendant – Saturn, which gives him superb oratory skills. Strong Saturn is always a boon for a politician. In his chart, Saturn is placed in the Ascendant forming Shasha Mahapurusha Yoga and becomes very powerful by being Vargottama. This signifies his strong character and quality of a great leader. Exalted Moon in the Fifth House makes him a public figure with charisma.

Planetary influences in the year 2009:
He will be under the influence of Jupiter-Moon period till March 25, 2009. Jupiter and Moon are in trine and are also involved in Rajayoga. So, he might receive support and appreciation from all the quarters till March 08, 2009. But, the period between March 09, 2009 to April 18, 2009 looks extremely stressful for him. He might be forced to take some tough measures in order to counter the recession and unemployment issues. His creative faculties will be considerably eclipsed, therefore, he may not be able to distinguish and discriminate properly. He should be careful so that right decisions can be taken.

He will be passing through Jupiter-Mars period from March 25, 2009 onwards. Mars is placed in the Eighth House with Rahu. Mars is in the Eighth House from Dashanath Jupiter. Obama also has Mars-Pluto-Rahu placed in the Eighth House. He may face difficult situations and particularly Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan issues may become too difficult to handle. He may also experience some sort of dampening effect around this time. He may feel difficulty in pushing things ahead and pressure may start mounting on him and may strain his nerves till September 2009. He should also take care of his safety and security during this phase.

From Mid-September 2009, he will have some respite. He may also take some decisive steps between September 11 to October 19, 2009 which will have a long lasting effects on the US economy and foreign policies. He may act in a more confident manner from Mid-November 2009 onwards and his actions during this period may boost his reputation and status in addition to this influential people will favor him.

David Cameron: (The Opposition Leader)
9th October 1966

Barack Obama
4th August 1961
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Ganesha observes that Barack Obama’s Ascendant is in Trine with David Cameron’s Ascendant. So, it seems that there will not be any major differences between Obama and Cameron. However, after studying both the charts in detail, Ganesha finds that as both have Mars in Leo and as Rahu in Obama’s chart falls over David Cameron’s Mars, some sort of ill will may develop between the two over a period of time. Their light weight remarks may further aggravate their discussions on the “long-term underlying problems” in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. David Cameron might seem smooth, charming and rather easy-going but if he really wants something, he’s probably going to get it. There may be strong conflicts of power between Cameron and Obama. But, they will still maintain each other’s dignity. In fact, when David Cameron’s exalted Jupiter and Swagruhi Moon will fall on Barack Obama’s Sun and Mercury, Obama has a scope to learn quite a bit from Cameron, directly or indirectly. Also, Cameron’s exalted Jupiter is in opposition with Obama’s debilitated Jupiter, hence there moral view may differ. Moreover, Obama’s retrograde Saturn forms opposition with Cameron’s Moon and Jupiter so Cameron may feel restricted at times and may also take time to convince Obama on some issues.

Gordon Brown: (Prime Minister, UK)
20th February 1951

Gordon Brown may continue to face really difficult transits over the next two years. It will damp his enthusiasm and at times energy still further. Health issues could flare and come to the forefront between April to June 09. Gordon Brown has Stellium of four planets viz. Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Mars in Aquarius opposing Barack Obama’s Mars and Rahu in Leo. This means that both Mr. Obama and Mr. Brown will have to work very hard to agree on certain points specifically foreign policies and decisions related to defense and authorities. In the year 2009, some distrust may build up on Iran and Iraq issues between Brown and Obama and a major turnaround may cause a serious diplomatic issues between them. Mercury is in opposition so there may be heated arguments or frank words may be exchanged at points. Barack Obama’s Sun falls on Gordon Brown’s Moon so despite differences, they will be able to display harmony in front of media and others. In short, we may not know the ‘inside story’ but we will have to presume that they share good rapport with each other, which might not be the case.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,