Future Of Madhya Pradesh Cm Kamalnath

Future Of Madhya Pradesh Cm Kamalnath

Kamal Nath

Date of Birth:- 18 November 1946
Time of Birth :- 15:00(Unconfirmed)
Place of Birth:- Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

The Lord of the 9
th house (house of fortune), Mars is placed in its own house with four planets which is significant for his long political career. Adding to this, Saturn is placed in the 5th house, and a strong Saturn is always a boon for any political leader.  The Lord of 5thh house, Moon is also in the Kendra makes his chart strong. Such a strong chart indicates a very smart strategist and efficient administrator with a good reputation.

He is currently under the influence of the Mercury-Venus Dasha period. Though the Mercury is placed well in the 9th house of fortune, Venus’ influence is unfavourable. Venus is the Lord of Lord of 8th house (house of adversities). During the entire election period, he was under the influence of Venus Pratyantar Dasha as well.  So, the Dasha period did not support him in gaining significant political success. Adding to this, the transiting Rahu is passing through the Ascendant, and Ketu is afflicting the Moon as well. It indicates some of his party members may try to ruin or block his progress.

The influence of transiting Saturn, too, is not in his favour. However, transiting Jupiter may act in his favour to an extent.  On the result day, the transiting Moon will be in conjunction with natal Saturn, which is not conducive to success. Considering all these aspects, the veteran congress leader may face problems getting the desired results. So, it will be difficult for him to become CM of Madhya Pradesh again.

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