Four Planets in Fiery Sign Leo – Effects on India

After all the chaos caused by the Indian political parties, India now expects a peaceful and an amicable environment. But, do we really know what the coming time has in for us? Will our hopes get fulfilled or will we have to face the very opposite of that? Astrology with its power to know the future in advance indicates that the period between 7th to 10th August, 2008 is different for India.

Our astrologers do that here in the context of the Stellium of four planets in the fiery sign Leo.

Ganesha observes that in the second week of August, four planets will remain in conjunction with Leo. The effect of this Stellium of planets (Group of planets) begins around noon from August 7, 2008 and will last till the early hours of August 10, 2008. Ganesha feels that the time during this Stellium is going to be a highly eventful period for India.

India’s Chart (India’s National Horoscope)

August 15, 1947
00 hours 00 min.



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Planetary transitions in India’s chart

Ganesha observes that transiting Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus will remain in conjunction with the 4th house of India’s National horoscope. This will result in awkward predicaments like internal unrest and disharmony. It is remarkable here that Indian citizens are very sensitive as India has Moon in Cancer and it also has Stellium of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Sun in a watery sign and Cancer in the third house. This whole combination indicates a higher degree of sensitivity. As transiting planetary Stellium takes place in Leo – the sign which signifies King of the Nation is placed in the 4th house (Nadir or Imum Coeli) in India’s chart, will make people of India unhappy with respect to the political scenario.

India’s Diurnal Chart

8th August 2008
00 hours 00 min.



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Planets in India’s Diurnal Chart

On 8th and 9th August 2008, India’s Diurnal chart remains the same with the Stellium of four planets in the 4th house. Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Venus in the 4th house of Diurnal chart again draws Ganesha’s attention to the matters related to internal coordinationand contentment. Ganesha has come to the conclusion that disharmony and instability on the political front will prevail in India as the Stellium in the Diurnal chart falls in the 4th house – the lowest point of the horoscope and the sign in focus is Leo, therefore, some political movement at a very subliminal level is also expected around this time.

May Lord Ganesha keep India under safer modes from the ill-effects of this Stellium. All the best!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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