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Compatibility between PM Manmohan Singh and Yusuf Gilani

Compatibility between PM Manmohan Singh and Yusuf Gilani

Under the influence of the current imbroglio between India and Pakistan, Ganesha is prompted to study the horoscopes of both the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan and make a compatibility study of the nations through the horoscopes of its leaders. Following is the inference of the heavenly designs on them and thus the nations.

Manmohan Singh’s Sun Chart
DOB – 26th September 1932
TOB – 07:00:00
POB – Jhelum (Pakistan)

Yusuf Gilani’s Sun Chart
DOB – 9th June 1952
TOB – 06:00:00
POB – Karachi (Pakistan)

Manmohan’s Sun is Square Yusuf’s Moon
With this combination, though they have a sincere desire for harmony, it is difficult to realize it. Both of them will feel discontented and tense with each other. At times, their activities can create feelings of dissatisfaction between the nations.

Manmohan’s Moon is Square Yusuf’s Jupiter
They both desire the same fundamental things for their respective nations – harmony, mutual respect and the ability to advance and prosper together. Both are honest with each other.

Manmohan’s Moon is Sextile Yusuf’s Saturn
The difficulties they are likely to encounter involve a sense of duty overriding the needs of the heart. Their desire to bring truce between the nations is present on the subliminal level, but may not be able to do so.

Yusuf’s Moon is Square Manmohan’s Mercury
This is a difficult and a testing aspect. There will be communication difficulties caused by a lack of sensitivity or understanding. The problem lies in the tendency of more rational over-analysis which may create a fiasco of all communications. This trend is not good for the nations, at least about mutual Indo-Pak relations.

Yusuf’s Sun is Sextile Manmohan’s Venus
There is a mutual appreciation between each other.

Yusuf’s Mercury is Sextile Manmohan’s Venus
Communication between them is usually easy. They will be courteous to one another and always prepared to listen to each other’s ideas and points of view. But this aspect is not relative and strong enough in the light of national interests.

Manmohan’s Venus is Conjunct Yusuf’s Pluto
This seems to be a fateful or pre-destined connection. Possibly, they have come together because they have something to work out between both the nations; some unfinished business to be concluded. There can be power struggles and the danger of one trying to manipulate or coerce the other. Under malefic transit of planets to the national charts, they can ignite not only sparks, but also weapons of mass destruction.

Manmohan’s Mars is Square Yusuf’s Mars
They can aggravate and anger each other with regular frequency. We can anticipate frequent arguments and quarrels. They can achieve a lot together, but will scrap over how things are supposed to be done. They can possibly lead both the nations to war.

Manmohan’s Jupiter is Trine Yusuf’s Jupiter
They are good friends and feel comfortable in each other’s company. Both of them have similar outlook and understand each other well. They will support one another’s ideas and viewpoints, and rarely disagree about things. A very important aspect for Indo-Pak unity and peace, they can be highly instrumental.

Manmohan’s Jupiter is Sextile Yusuf’s Uranus
Both can encourage each other to be adventurous and to try new things for peace. From this they both will grow and increase the understanding of the world and international politics and the needs of both the nations India and Pakistan.

Yusuf’s Mars is Square Manmohan’s Saturn
This is a serious and difficult aspect. This aspect may cause resentment and suppressed anger. There is a danger of violence or war.

Manmohan’s Uranus is Trine Yusuf’s Pluto
Both are aware of social and national issues and may feel compelled to do something about the same. If they combine their energies and resources, they can make a difference to the Indo-Pak axis and the Asian continent. They both view change as a force for good even if it is accompanied by crisis.

Yusuf’s Jupiter is Trine Manmohan’s Neptune
They understand and appreciate each other at an inner level.

Ganesha thus feels that these two leaders are highly compatible to each other and can do a lot of good to their respective mother land, but need other external factors to support them.

Wishing them good luck and their intentions

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Rikhav Khimasia