Belgium Crisis: Ganesha’s Perspective

Nearly four months after the general elections, Belgium’s political parties still have not formed a government together due to a deadlock over demands for more self-rule in Dutch-speaking Flanders and Francophone Wallonia.

In Belgium’s country chart, the transiting Saturn is moving closely over the natal Saturn. Saturn does not make things easy. Saturn return always teaches a lesson by forcing unavoidable stressful circumstances. Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Leo is forcing changes all over the world and Belgium is not an exception to it. The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu is more significant for Belgium this time, as Mars is going to stay in Gemini for a very long span. Belgium is ruled by Gemini sign and transiting Mars in Gemini will have a significant impact on their political as well as geographical structure. It seems Belgium will continue to face various challenges and a state of chaos will remain disrupting the internal harmony till the end of April 2008. The period between 15th November and 1st February seems crucial for Belgium and will have long lasting effects.

Uranus moving in Aquarius, approaching the Ketu and opposing the Saturn in the national chart suggests that the nation’s psyche is likely to be shaken up. Neptune’s square with the Moon in the nation’s horoscope suggests that there is a price to be paid for the fulfillment of ideas.

Belgium might witness a remarkable change in the coming time and this may not occur without great inner tension, and the sacrifice. A new era is now opening up for the Belgian people.

We wish all the all the luck to the Belgian people!!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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