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Australia seems to be on the verge of change in leadership

Australia seems to be on the verge of change in leadership

The 2007 Federal Elections for the Parliament of Australia will take place on Saturday 24 November. The opposition center-left Australian Labor Party, currently led by Kevin Rudd and deputy leader Julia Gillard, will be the main challenger to the incumbent center-right coalition government, led by the Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, John Howard, and his coalition partner the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the National Party of Australia, Mark Vaile.

Voting in Australia is compulsory and if you don’t vote you get a fine unless you have a reasonable defense for not going to the polls.

John Howard, the Australian PM has a Taurus Ascendant and the Ascendant Lord Venus is Vargottama. Lord of 7th and 10th house Mars and Saturn are in exchange forming excellent Rajayoga and indicating a dominant public figure. He is a real toughie as Mars in exaltation so he is the person who doesn’t give way easily. He is ruthless, power hungry, has endless stamina indicated by Sun-Jupiter trine and with strong Jupiter placed in the 10th house from Karakamsa – he has also got luck.

He will be under the influence of Moon-Rahu-Venus period at the time of elections. Rahu is placed well in natal chart but not fortified in D-10 chart. Venus is very strong in D-10 chart. The transiting Saturn is moving in the 10th house from Moon with Ketu; this doesn’t look encouraging for him. Transiting Rahu is in the 10th house which is 4th house from Moon also looks disturbing.

Considering all these aspects he looks insecure and edgy, confused, prone to over reacting and he has got a really stressful time from November to mid December.

Kevin Rudd, the opposition leader has Sagittarius Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant Jupiter is placed well in the 10th house with Sun and Mars looks very promising. Leadership potential is shown. 9th and 10th Lord Sun and Mercury are in exchange making the chart very strong and forming excellent Rajayoga. Moon is the Atmakaraka and from Karakamsa Aquarius strong Venus and Rahu placed in the 9th house indicating luck as well. He can be a strong opponent for John Howard.

At the time of election he will be running through Mars-Jupiter-Mercury period. All the three planets are very powerful in the natal chart and Mercury is exalted in Navmansa chart but Venus and Mercury are not particularly well placed in the D-10 chart.

So John Howard is facing a really steep climbing. It could be a close call and possibly a fairly severe fight. Kevin Rudd is in better shape and the possibility of a win for Kevin Rudd in the election is very strong. Maybe Kevin Rudd has to co-operate and share power with some allies. But it seems Australia is on the verge of change in leadership.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,