The Astrology Behind The Egg Throw At French Prez

Published on October 1, 2021

French Prez

A shocking incident occurred when French President Emmanuel Macron was attending a Food Fair event at Lyon. A man screamed ‘Vive La Revolution’ and threw an egg which hit on his left shoulder.

The French Revolution slogan ‘Vive La Revolution’ means ‘Long Live The Revolution’. However, the motive remains unclear. In fact, a few days ago, a man had even slapped Macron.

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President Macron was born on Dec 21, 1977, in Aminies city of France. Though there is no negative planetary affliction (dosha) in his birth chart (kundli) , his Mars is weak. This gets him into controversies. Currently, the Mahadasha (planetary period) of Rahu is underway in the horoscope so Macron’s should be careful about his next four months.

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