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Astrological View On An Upcoming Performance Of BJP Rule

Astrological View On An Upcoming Performance Of BJP Rule

BJP’s performance fell by 31% in just two years

BJP’s rule decreasing continuously in the country, how will the upcoming performance

Indian Vedic astrology and its other branches were developed by the divine ancient sages to make life easier and easier for the masses. The Rigvedic period, the pre-Vedic period and the Mahajanapada provide evidence of the use of astrology to measure the future pregnancy. In ancient times, this supernatural technique has been used for rain, sowing, day, month, year, auspicious time and state functions. This technique, which was mainly used for the good of the king and the state, from the Puranic period, astrologers started making predictions about the king, the kingdom, his successor and his rule. With this authentic method of Vedic astrology, GaneshaSpeak has been continuously doing astrological analysis of big news of national importance for its readers. Our astrological analysis today revolves around the current and upcoming performance of an ideology or political party that was founded just 29 years ago. The Bharatiya Janata Party, which emerged on the Indian political scene in 1980 with the merger of Jana Sangh and some other parties, today occupies the power of the centre with an absolute majority and rules a large part of the country. But in the last one and a half years, not only has its political hold weakened, but it has also lost many important and big states to its opponents. The steadily declining performance of the BJP is being linked to its declining popularity in the country’s politics and the declining stature of Narendra Modi. But behind the current situation, not only Modi and Amit Shah or any other leader, but the planetary constellations and Dasha-Mahadasha have a major role. After a thorough study of the horoscope of the Bharatiya Janata Party, it is revealed that why the BJP is facing such difficulties in the present time, where despite being the largest party in the state, it is being ousted from power. There are many such questions which stand on seeing the reduced political map of BJP like how will Narendra Modi’s dream of Congress-free India be fulfilled? Have BJP and Narendra Modi lost their magic? Will BJP be able to make a comeback? There are many such unresolved questions for which we have tried to find answers in the horoscope of BJP with the help of Vedic astrology, let’s start.

Brief Journey of BJP 2014 to 2019

Before the horoscope and its analysis, it is necessary to take a quick look at the current situation of the BJP. In the general elections held in 1984, four years after its inception in 1980, the Bharatiya Janata Party reached its peak by 2014, confined to just 2 seats. In the general elections held in the year 2014, the Bharatiya Janata Party entered the field with its biggest political face and worked to give a new twist to the country’s politics with unexpected results. The BJP, led by Narendra Modi, made its intentions clear by winning 282 seats in the Lok Sabha. Limited to just 7 states at the time of the 2014 general elections, the BJP was either participating in power in 21 states in 2018 or running its government with an absolute majority. This was the time when about 71 per cent of the country’s population was directly and indirectly ruled by the BJP. The BJP, which formed the government with the help of its or its allies in the elections of many big states held after 2014, was running the government in 13 states in 2015. It added 2 new states in the year 2016, taking the BJP’s figure to 15. In the year 2017 and till September 2018, he did the work of hoisting the saffron flag in 21 out of the total states of the country in his list.

Between 2018 and 2018, BJP had grown by 300%

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In this ever-increasing sequence, he also had to lose some states in which the first name is Punjab where the BJP could not return to power in the 2017 elections. Despite this, till October 2018, the responsibility of the power of 21 states of the country was on his shoulders. But Kaal, born of the dynamics of the universe, showed his talent and the hold of the BJP started loosening on many big states of the country. These also include such states where BJP was ruling for 15-15 years. It suffered a major setback in the five state elections held in 2018 when it lost key states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh to opposition parties.

The lotus started withering in just 23 months

However, in the 2019 general elections, the BJP once again contested Narendra Modi and national issues and retained its power at the centre more strongly than last time. Some states were left out due to differences with allies, including Andhra Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, although at present, President’s rule is in place in Jammu and Kashmir. But till 2018 BJP was the partner in power here. For the time being, the state which has done the work of dissolving the BJP in saffron is Maharashtra where the BJP lost its power due to political differences and ego. Behind this situation is the effect of those planets which are passing like a group through the seventh house. Due to the negative influence of these planets, a situation like confusion and indecision is being created in the BJP and its top leadership. The effect of the negative influence of planets was seen in the political earthquake of Maharashtra where it had to lose power even after getting a majority with its alliance partner.

Surya Kundli of Bharatiya Janata Party

Foundation Day: 6 April 1980
Installation time: 11:45
Place of Establishment: New Delhi

Bharatiya Janata Party horoscope

Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Ketu passing through the seventh house

Due to the combination of Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Ketu passing through the seventh house of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s horoscope, it is easier to understand the current situation. At present, the combination of these planets is seen at the root of these differences arising between BJP-Shiv Sena. Due to the combined effect of these planets, the BJP leadership seems to be failing to make favorable decisions for the party. When these planets transit through the 7th house in conjunction with these planets, there are effects like confusion, indecision and wrong decisions. Such yogas of planets act as an obstacle in the way of becoming a good strategy. Which can be easily understood by looking at the decisions of BJP in the current politics of Maharashtra. This circumstance also indicates that the expectations of the people are not being met. Most of the time, Jupiter giving positive results is also passing through 7th house but he seems to be unable to give beneficial results due to these combinations. On the other hand, the transit of Jupiter in this house is a direct proof that stability will remain in the BJP.

After January 2020, Saturn’s zodiac change will give benefits

Contrary to this situation, Saturn’s zodiac change in the beginning of the year 2020 gives some good signs for the BJP. On January 24, 2020, Saturn will enter Capricorn from its current sign Sagittarius. This change of zodiac will work to get the BJP out of the dilemma and give positive results. At the same time, after January 2020, the situation seems to be getting more favorable for the BJP. During this period, as the party’s stability increases, the performance of its leaders is expected to improve.

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