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Astro-analysis on North & South Korean Prime Ministers’ first dialogue in 15 years

Astro-analysis on North & South Korean Prime Ministers’ first dialogue in 15 years

It was a pleasure to learn about initiation of dialogue between North Korean and South Korean Prime Ministers, again after 1992.

Ganesha finds this to be quite interesting, astrologically so with the magnifying glass of Astrological tools, Ganesha would like to explain the matter.

North Korea’s Establishment Horoscope, say National horoscope is of Aries Ascendant, as per Vedic Astrology Method.
As per this method, Sun is posited in the South Direction i.e. Nadir of the chart. Seventh house of Partnership’s Lord Venus is placed in strong conjunction with Rahu one degree apart. This points towards division of Korea in two parts North and South as Rahu is liable for estrangements and seventh house Lord Venus’ placement with Rahu also indicates that whenever North Korea has to tie-up with other nation, they will have problem in collaboration. In other words, astrologically it is `not so easy to tie the knot with’ type of a country.

Unfortunately, South Korea’s National chart is not available but while studying North Korea’s secondary progressed chart for the year 2007, Ganesha notes the following.


North Korea Secondary Progressed Chart

  • Ascendant Rising is Gemini, which rules third house of communication for its National chart, being of Aries Ascendant. This secondary progressed Ascendant is of Third Decant (Decanate) so ruled by Sign Aquarius denoting networking and amicable attitude, both. Moreover, because this third house is ruled by Saturn, they would be taking decisions after contemplating quite a bit. North Korea, by and large, is thinking about improving communication facilities and networks so that South Koreans can easily work at a joint industrial zone in Kaesong – the North Korean boarder city.
  • Mars and Rahu in the Ascendant of Secondary progression indicate that they may be willing to give a strong fight to their rivals, given a situation. It is to be noted that Mars posited in the Ascendant of progressed chart is ruler of Natal Ascendant (birth ascendant) for North Korea. This indicates that now they will be sharpening their weapons and be prepared for difficult situations.
  • As Ketu, the Karmic Reliever is posited in the seventh house of partnership and seventh house Lord Jupiter is in the 4th house of `home’ North Korea is also thinking about reunions of estranged families.
  • As Jupiter, although combust, aspects the Midheaven of progressed Ascendant, North and South Korean authorities are likely to take wise decisions. Rahu’s placement in the Ascendant of the progressed horoscope indicates some unexpected or unconventional changes in the Nation. In other words, it may be `unlike north Korean decision’ but will be for good of both the countries.
  • As progressed Moon is in Scorpio, meetings between South Korean and North Korean Prime Ministers may also bear lots of importance, deep thinking and many secret strategies may remain undisclosed. Sometimes, even if a strategy is uncovered, there is a deep or hidden meaning behind the same which may come to the fore in the longer run. This is what may exactly happen with the amicable dialogues going on between these two countries at present.
  • Secondary Progressed Saturn is in Cancer and in its own Navmansha so National Security and Domestic Happiness of the country may also be cause of concern.

This was overview of the matter. Now Ganesha would like to throw more light on the issue based on a less popular yet very accurate method. Ganesha calls it `Third Dimension of a horoscope’. Ganesha would like to call it TDM (Third Dimension Method).


  • TDM Ascendant ruling at present is Cancer, the 4th house of `home’ and natives of the country. North Korea is highly concerned about its domestic happiness at present, confirms this chart.
  • TDM Saturn is at 12 degree of Leo and Natal Charts retrograde Mercury the communicator is at 11 degree, hence the dialogue between these two countries may experience some delay or meetings and other type of communications (like phone calls and emails) will last longer than expected time, to arrive at a decision. In other words, tranquillity is expected in communications between these two countries dialogues.
  • TDM Moon is at 14 degree and Natal Moon is at 19 degree. Considering this, Ganesha feels that between 22nd and 26th November 2007, some important event may happen in North Korea and as the sign involved in Natal chart and TDM is Leo, Authority figures may also be involved in this important event/matter. As Mars and Moon are in Square Aspect in the Natal Chart itself, the decision that they might take around the given date will be very firm and will involve military and related issues too.
  • TDM chart’s seventh house Lord Moon is almost in degreecal conjunction with TDM chart’s seventh house of partnership’s Lord Saturn so both the countries may be looking at long lasting amicable terms. This happens in a fixed sign so it has more potential and firmness both. As the sign is Leo and Leo Signifies Kings Traditionally, Prime Ministers are indicated here. They may be willing to establish peace, but if someone tries to attack, they may want to be prepared, not as individual countries but together.

View North Korea Country, Secondary Progressed and TDM Chart

Summarily, Ganesha feels that something important and major going to happen with initiation of dialogues between North Korea and South Korea after fifteen long years. Astrologically speaking, whatever it may be, will be for good.

May Lord Ganesha bless both the countries with desired progress.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni