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Abhisit Vejjajiva -The New Prime Minister of Thailand

Abhisit Vejjajiva -The New Prime Minister of Thailand

Introduction: Democrat Party Leader Abhisit Vejjajiva has reached the highest point of his political career (as predicted) by becoming Thailand’s new prime minister. His enthronement came in the wake of months of anti-government protests. Abhisit, 44, will have to face enormous challenges and will have to manage an economy buffeted by Thailand’s political turmoil and a global slowdown. In the light of this, Ganesha predicts his future, ahead of the situations he will come across.

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Astro Analysis of Abhisit’s Chart


In his chart, Jupiter becomes Atmakaraka and the karakamsa lagna becomes Sagittarius. He has Saturn placed in Sagittarius, which is the Karakamsa Lagna, clearly indicating an eminent character and a successful politician. The 7th house from the Karakamsa Lagna is Gemini and he has Mars, Venus and Rahu placed therein, which makes the house very powerful. These aspects gives him a powerful public image and a wonderful charisma. On applying Karakamsa to the Navmansa chart, we find Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn placed in the Karakamsa Lagna. The placement of BK, GK, AK and PK in Sagittarius is forming a wonderful Jaimini Raj yog.

The transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius Navmansa has set the stage for him. The entry of Jupiter in Capricorn has become very vital for him as the transiting Jupiter is not only aspecting the natal Sun, but also the exalted Moon. Still, it will be a tough task for him to run this coalition government. The transiting Rahu is moving in the 7th house from the natal Sun and also the next solar eclipse will happen there so it may become a huge task for him to please both his allies and his own party members amidst the tough problems in Thailand. In the initial stages, he may not face any major obstacles in running the country and his government but the transiting Mars may ignite some issues from 17th August 2009 onwards. The Democrat leader may face difficulties in controlling the anger and frustration of his own party members, who might became disobedient, particularly, after September 2009. The last quarter of the year 2009 will be very stressful and decisive for his political career.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,