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Top 10 Activities To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Through Mindfulness Practice

Top 10 Activities To Reduce Stress And Anxiety Through Mindfulness Practice

Have you ever felt so stressed out, you get angry at every little thing that is happening around you? Sometimes extreme anxiety can also lead to an anxiety attack. This feeling of stress is something you just want to get rid of, as quickly as possible. We might try to drown our anxiety into different other activities, distract ourselves with other people but, sometimes you will feel there is no way out of such an uncontrollable emotion. However, certain activities can help you at the moment, to make you live easy and take away the negative effect of stress and anxiety from your life.

One way to healthify this situation and emotions is to practice mindfulness. This mindful meditation practice will help you accept the present and thus, become self-aware.

Mindfulness allows you to bring a healthy lifestyle into your everyday experience and identify the part of your thoughts, beliefs, values and behaviour. While happiness and joy can’t be measured through your lifestyle, they can only help you develop more self-compassion and spread kindness. One of the best facts about mindfulness practice exercises is that they can be followed by anyone, at any place and any time. So, whether you want to follow it to attain freedom of thoughts and control of your emotions, or you just won’t realise that stress and anxiety that is built up due to work and a hectic schedule, mindfulness practice can help you every day.

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Practising mindfulness meditation at home is very simple. Start with denoting whatever is around you. If it helps take a piece of paper and start with scribbling the names of things placed around you. Be it a living or a non-living thing. This is a powerful exercise that will make you aware of what kind of energy and things you have surrounded yourself with. You can also choose to categorize things based on things you can see, feel or hear. You can also categorise them based on colour or their use. It is all about focusing on minute details

Such a practice of mindfulness helps you get aware of the kind of environment you have placed yourself in and how it is affecting the energy around you.

Set your mind on the things you are exactly looking to achieve through meditation or mindfulness. Before you start your work or set in motion your day, take a few moments to centre yourself. Start your day with a clear mindset. Include activities in your schedule that include journaling, reading or something as simple as having a cup of hot beverage. For a more simple example to follow, you can start with yoga. Practising Yoga can help you uplift your body mentally and physically.

By focussing your energy on a single thought, you can create a wonderful practice of mindfulness exercise. With a great start in the morning, you can similarly work your way through the entire day.

The quality of your breathing speaks a lot about where exactly you are in your headspace. Short breathing could be a sign of anxiety and stress. To reduce such stress you can start with deep breathing exercises for calmness. Taking long, deep breaths when you feel stressed can help you draw the focus onto something that is more important and thereby forget the actual cause of anxiety.

If you’re new to this practice of mindfulness, you can just start with a counting method where you breathe in until you count to four and breathe out while counting in reverse. It is a simple way to give a rhythm to your breathing. In addition to the rhythm, counting may help your mind focus on something else altogether.

Light your favourite candle and watch the flame flicker. To create a sensational environment you can start with a fragrant candle or even some coloured candles. Concentrate on your thoughts while looking at the flame and let your mind make the judgement during the exercise.

Thus exercise can get you to light up your focus. And thus, let your judgement come through you.

Be it tea or coffee, if you enjoy a hot cup of beverage in the morning, try sipping it slowly. Try drawing your attention to the process and thereby to your thoughts. Notice the little details of the process. The tea leaves, the steam, the rim of the teacup or just the froth of coffee. Make your mind alert and notice the sensation that runs through your body while doing it.

It’s not just about sipping tea or coffee, try to focus your mind all through the process of brewing coffee to consuming the same beverage.

Every day when you go to bed at night prepare a note or list of things you were extremely grateful for. Try focusing on events of the day and people you have met throughout the day. Being thankful for little things, be it good things or just experiences of the day can help you look for positivity in your life.

This exercise can help you lead to a healthy and prosperous lifestyle of optimism., You might even choose to show gratitude toward every single person in your life. This can lead to a life full of compassion and kindness.

Take a few moments out of your busy schedule and focus on silently looking up to your mental state. Be it your emotions or thoughts, you need to know what exactly your mind is occupied with. With proper guidance, one can figure out what exactly is their calling for this life.

A stronger curiosity towards such learning can actually bring out your calm and thereby answer most of your questions about career, life goals and how you would want to work towards achieving them.

This is one more activity where you focus your thoughts on one single thing. Sit calm and listen to the sounds that already persist around you. Be it birds, nature, a TV set or just some random sound of the vehicles. There might even be some sounds you hear that are more than just ordinary ones.

Focus and find out the voice of your heart. This way you will know what exactly is going on in your mind, This will help you find mindfulness very easily and thus, lead you to a better state of mind with lesser anxiety and stress.

First thing in the morning or do it at the end of the day, or just do it when you feel stressed. Write your thoughts down. Be it a three-page essay or just a two-line note. Were your mind out and you will know how exactly you feel. You can focus on your problems, scribble your solution or just see how you feel. This can help you figure things out and get your mind to calm down out of the stress. This is a consciousness exercise where you just are supposed to get your mind cleared.

Regularly following such a mindfulness exercise can help you easily process what is happening around you. You will see and feel how mindfulness and self-awareness go hand in hand.

Take a ten-minute stroll in the garden bare feet or just follow your heart and drive around with windows rolled down. A change of atmosphere with fresh air can help you experience the higher rush of oxygen in your body. This can also help you feel energised.

A good environment can easily help you get calm. And with nature and peace being the core content of this mindfulness activity, you can definitely approach yourself towards a stress less mindset.

Mindfulness practice can be tried out in various ways of one’s convenience. It is all about being present in the moment and feeling good about ourselves. There might be quick and simple ways to help you improve your focus and develop a sense of self-control. You can try anything that can help you be self-aware and thus, reduce the anxiety level. You may have other ways to practice mindfulness. Do let us know which one works best for you.