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Some Fascinating Facts About How the Zodiac Signs Celebrate Kite-Flying!

Some Fascinating Facts About How the Zodiac Signs Celebrate Kite-Flying!

Celebrate Kite-Flying

With the onset of Makar Sankranti in 2021, for all the people who look forward to kite flying on this day, by now should be all set with Kites, Firkis and lots of food with sweet and savoury seasonal specialities!

Let’s take a look at how natives of different Signs in the Zodiac would like to celebrate kite flying!

Arians would be one of the first ones to reach the terrace and start flying kites, also the first to fly the smallest or biggest kite. They would be aggressively trying to cut threads of other kites cheer aloud. They would like their kites to be touching the sky with the Firki almost empty, chuckles Ganesha.

Earthy and Fixed Taureans like to have a fixed schedule for the Kite Flying Day! You can spot them quick as they would wear only the best quality, preferably branded, sunglasses to protect their eyes. Without wanting to waste any time they would like to pull up the thread only once and see their kite gracefully dancing in full air.

Ganesha thinks that Geminis would like to fly a variety of kites. They are not the ones who would want just the biggest of the kites, but they could also pick smaller kites, like the ones that kids prefer. Though, these Twins would choose their thread after a lot of contemplation on what is available in the market and may have more than one Firkis readily available. This variation would be seen in their choice of music as well.

Home-birds, Cancerians, would love to invite everyone to their place for kite flying. They are capable of being the perfect host for the day. They may fly kites for fun and act like children, no matter what the real age is. If a kid is out to cut their kite, the sentimental Cancerian would let the kid do it happily!

Leos may receive more than one invitation for kite flying. They will ensure that they have all the facilities to breeze through the day comfortably. Sunglasses, caps, finger caps would be a must for them to ensure a good and safe kite flying experience. Leos would be glad to throw a party at the end of the day but the condition is, during the day you might just have to keep praising them for their kite flying styles!

Virgos would do proper research for good quality and economic kites as well as threads. With a fixed schedule for the day, they may also have a list ready. For? What kind of kite should be flown in which direction of the wind! They could be the most intelligent of kite flyers, as per Ganesha. They would exactly know how to handle save their kite. Alternatively, if they lose a kite, rather than accepting defeat, they may delicately dump the responsibility on the winds!

According to Ganesha, Librans are the most enthusiastic kite flyers. They will always need a companion to encourage them while they fly a kite and they can be good Firki holders as well. In turn, they can be very encouraging as well, so, even if you lose kites, they will provide good solace and keep you going. Loud music and kites flying high in the air is a dream situation for them!

Scorpions require a lot of push and a warm invite for the kite flying day. They may not compromise on their comfort level, so if you see a person wearing a sweater, sitting comfortably on a sofa in the corner of the terrace, wearing dark sunglasses, attempting to save self from sun rays, it has to be a Scorpion! On the other hand, once they start flying kites, they can really empty the sky by using their special skills discreetly!

Ganesha thinks that Sagittarians can travel distances to make the best of this day. They will prefer an area where they can see a variety of kites and kite flyers. Fiery Archers may have the capacity to let the kite be in full air for a long time, as they have a good holding capacity. Moreover, they will not regret either if they lose their kite, as they are very optimistic!

Capricornians would make sure they get the best deal for kites and firkis. Hard working Capricornians need to be in the mood for kite flying. But once there, they will aim for nothing less than touching the sky. They are very tactful in the way they cut the kites around them and ensure their kite has a lot of space.

Fond of group activities, Aquarians would always have a group of friends around them, says Ganesha. These Water Bearers may not be satisfied by accepting only one invite and would like to join different groups of friends on this day. Ganesha rates them as good kite cutters!

Fishes may start preparing for the kite flying day well in advance. Ironically, they are so confused on decisions about which part of the sky to start with on that day that they end of classifying different kites for different wind speed or directions. If your kite baskets are empty, Pisceans can let you borrow from them till they run out of stock!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team