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A total Solar Eclipse on Diwali…what to expect!

A total Solar Eclipse on Diwali…what to expect!

The second Solar Eclipse of the year 2013 is going to occur on November 3, 2013. This will be a total Solar Eclipse, and its taking place in the Libra Sign with Swati constellation (as per the Vedic Astrology). Also, during the period of Solar Eclipse, five planets will also come together in Libra Sign. Plus, all these planets will be in Swati constellation too. Hence, the planetary energies will be highly imbalanced in Libra Sign. In other words, the celestial forces (planetary forces) may adversely affect the human life in many ways.

The following table shows the beginning and end times of this Solar Eclipse :

Event Timings
Partial eclipse begins 3 Nov, 10:05
Full Eclipse begins 3 Nov, 11:06
Maximum Eclipse 3 Nov, 12:49
Full Eclipse ends 3 Nov, 14:28
Partial Eclipse ends 3 Nov, 15:28

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As per Ganesha’s view, this entire planetary picture may be considered as a problematic combination. In general, we may notice a sudden rise in our stress levels. Too much anger, aggression or violent outbursts from some religious groups may also be expected. Plus, some anti – religious activities may also occur, under the influence of this Solar Eclipse. Kings, senior politicians or famous people may have to pass through a rough phase too. Due to Saturn’s affliction in Libra, some major judicial or political rebellion may also take place, around this time. A major financial or economical crises may also take place or an existing on may deepen, due to Mercury’s involvement in this Solar Eclipse.

Nations like Argentina, Austria, Burma, Canada, China, Japan, Siberia, Tibet may get affected by some unexpected violent activities, plane crashes or anti – social activities. Plus, the cities like Antwerp, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Vienna, Nottingham may get affected by some natural calamities.

Plus, the North and South Atlantic Ocean may also experience heavy tides with uncertain whether conditions.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,