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Raksha Bandhan 2021: Best Gifts For Sisters!

Raksha Bandhan 2021: Best Gifts For Sisters!

Raksha Bandhan 2021: Best Gifts For Sisters!

The Rakshabandhan festival, which is also known as the Nariyal Poornima, is celebrated on the Full-Moon day of the Shravan month. The grand day, on which the powerful bond of a brother and sister is celebrated, is observed with great enthusiasm and fervour across the country. In this article, Ganesha gives you some cool idea for Raksha Bandhan 2021 gift ideas for sister, which can bring a sure-shot smile to your sibling’s face!

The Pioneers

Gifts for Arian brothers: Arian brothers are very particular about their looks. So, it shouldn’t be too difficult to select gifts for them. A smart pair of goggles, cool shirts, trousers, silver bracelets with red stones and a sleek mobile phone are some of the ways of bringing a sweet smile to their face.

Gifts for Arian sisters: Arian sisters will appreciate cool and trendy fashion accessories or handmade crafts with a bunch of red roses. Tickets to the latest film will also cheer her up.

The Artists

Gifts for Taurian Brothers: Sisters will have to be very understanding if they have a Bull for a brother since this is a tough time for the Taurians. Taurus males are fond of imported, branded perfumes and car accessories. An outing in natural, rustic settings will help them enjoy the festival to the fullest. Don’t discuss anything related to work or finance on this day.

Gift for Taurian sisters: Brothers should know that their Taurian sisters only like branded accessories. They’d love cash gifts also (provided it’s a big sum). Youngsters would love especially green or yellow tops, perfumes and chocolates. Grown ups would prefer jewellery, exotic fruits & vegetables, massage oils, or cookbooks.

The Entertainers

Gift for Gemini brothers: A CD of songs by one of his favourite artists or a collection of dance-numbers is the best choice for him.

Gift for Gemini Sisters: A beautiful show-piece carrying some special message or quotations will be a wonderful gift item for your sister. Through these items, let her know how much you care for her. A cool bag will always be a useful item for your sister. Since there can never be enough purses and handbags in her collection, you can help her add one more to her collection. Don’t forget to keep some cash in the purse or handbag.


Gift for Cancerian brothers: They are foodies and good food is the surest way to win their hearts and lighten their mood. Set a menu of his choice. They will also love to be gifted perfumes, car accessories and cool T-shirts.

Gift for Cancerian Sisters: As long as she is young, a Cancer sister will always love a stuffed toy as a gift. Raksha Bandhan, however, is the perfect day to take your sister out shopping and letting her shop till she drops or your credit card crosses spending limit, whichever happens first. If married, a Cancer sister would love to have home furnishing items.

The Performers

Gifts for Leo sisters: Since they may be reeling under emotional stress, talking to her will be the key this week. You’ll need to talk, listen, and lend a shoulder to her. Plan out something extraordinary to brighten her mood. Be as expressive as you can be and a well picked greeting card can very well do the trick. Gold jewellery, chocolates and clothes are the top few options as gifts.

Gifts for Leo brothers: You are advised to take care of their sentiments. Any gift in colour yellow will be good for them. Gift them music systems, cassettes or CDs of his favourite songs.

The Analysts

Gifts for Virgo sisters: Virgo women love nature. Handicrafts items like rugs, ceramic potteries, handmade paintings and gemstone jewellery can be best options for your sister. Don’t forget to add a basket of flowers.

Gifts for Virgo brothers: If your brother has an interest in reading, nothing can be a better for him than a book. It could be a short-stories, fiction or non-fiction novels or even a special issue of his favourite magazine. Your brother will be impressed by your choice of a show-pieces.

The Charmers

Gift for Libran Sisters: They are very fond of diamond jewellery, which will also give them added luck. Surprise them with a combination of gifts. A good book, elegant flowers like orchid, a photo frame, candies and CDs of her favourite songs will also be very well received.

Gift for Libran brothers: Gift diamond-embedded cuff links to your brother and watch him get elated!

The Warriors

Gift for Scorpio brothers: Be it formal or casual wear, shirts make up a cool gift item for brothers. Go ahead and please your brother by adding to his wardrobe. A digital camera will help your brother hone his skills as a photographer.

Gift for Scorpio sisters: Chocolates are a favourite item of almost all the girls, irrespective of their zodiac sign or age group. But Scorpio girls are particularly drawn to chocolates. Bitter chocolates are their favourite. Soft and stuffed toys are a good medium of expressing your love to your Scorpio sister.

The Fun-Lovers

Gifts for Sagittarius brothers: A new wallet or a diary will help your brother in getting things a little organised. They would also love to have romantic and mysterious novels.

Gifts for Sagittarius sisters: Bracelets, rings, ear-rings, chains, buckles or nose-pins, any one of these items would be a good gift for a Sagi sister. While selecting the jewellery, remember to go for the latest designs.

The Calm Managers

Gifts for Capricorn brothers: A designer leather belts will make your brother stand out in the crowd. Make sure to go for stylish buckles in the belts.

Gifts for Capricorn sisters: Your sister might have been bored of wearing the same old wrist-watch everywhere. It is time to make her happy by presenting her a new, stylish watch. If she is married, you can also gift her a sarees, sweets, jewellery box and flowers

Unconventional Masters

Gifts for Aquarian brothers: A latest mobile handset, with new features like camera, MP3 ring tones, a pen drive with huge storage capacity is sure to make your brother happy.

Gifts for Aquarian sisters: Gift them chocolates and they will be happy. A gift pack of assorted chocolates are sure to make her smile. If your sister is above 30, you can also gift her DVDs or CDs of old songs and movies.

The Philosophers

Gifts for Pisces brothers: They are fond of cotton shirts & trousers. Time pieces, wall hangings, spiritual accessories and books are also good gifts for them.

Gifts for Pisces sisters: A Rakhi card will be a lovely choice for your emotional sister. They appreciate all kinds of gifts. Jewellery box, ornamented handbags, flowers, perfumes, paintings and music systems being among a few options.

With these Raksha Bandhan 2021 gifts ideas for sisters, you can make the upcoming Raksha Bandhan more special for yourself and your sister. Ganesha wishes you a very happy Raksha Bandhan 2021.

With Ganesha’s Grace,