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International Yoga Day 21 June According Zodiac Sign

International Yoga Day 21 June According Zodiac Sign

As in astrology, the auspicious day, auspicious colour, auspicious date and auspicious number etc. have been determined for each zodiac, similarly many other things can be determined according to the zodiac. Along with your personality, physical appearance and flaws can also be revealed in your zodiac. Yogasanas can also be determined on this basis. Without knowing which yoga is beneficial and which is harmful for your physical nature, doing yoga can also cause harm. On International Yoga Day 21 June 2021 (international-yoga-day-21-june), we are telling you some such asanas, which you should do according to the zodiac.

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On International Yoga Day 21 June 2021 (international-yoga-day-21-june), the element of Aries is fire and the lord is Mars. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. For them, Uttanasana, Janushirshasan and Shavasana yoga are a better option. Apart from this, Virabhadrasana yoga should also be done. This increases stability and balance in the body. Apart from this, Uttanasana is beneficial for the spine, neck and back as well as calms the mind. Similarly, by Janushirshasan, digestion power and blood circulation increases. The knee and spinal cord are strengthened by Savasana, while with the downward facing breathing, the brain becomes active along with the smooth circulation of blood.

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The element of Taurus is Earth and the lord is Venus. It is beneficial for men of this zodiac to lift weights and for women to go to the gym. With Gomukhasana, they get relief from stress and there is softness in nature. Apart from this, they should also do Vrikshasana. This strengthens the muscles of the thighs, shoulders, calves and legs, as well as removes the disorders of the nervous system.

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The element of Gemini is Air and the lord is Mercury. They have a tendency to overwork, due to which they get tired quickly. Bhujangasana is perfect for them. This removes the problems of the shoulders and lower back. They may have problems related to nerves. It is important for them to take care of their respiratory system. Halasana proves to be effective in this.

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The element of Cancer is water and the lord is Moon. They are imaginative and emotional. They also have stomach related problems like gas and indigestion as well as water related diseases and foot pain. They should do Nataraja posture and Ardha Chandrasana. This improves physical balance. Meditation, yoga, anulom-vilom and pranayama are also beneficial for them.

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The element of Leo is Fire and the lord is Sun. There are special yogas for them on International Yoga Day 21 June 2021 (international-yoga-day-21-june). Due to their mental exertion, they have headache and eye problems as well as back pain. For them, Marjari posture with cat’s pose should be done. Apart from this, Surya Namaskar, Matsyasan are also beneficial. This improves the respiratory system and develops muscles. In particular, they should do heart-related exercises and yoga.

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The element of Virgo is Earth and the lord is Mercury. They are prone to diseases related to the stomach and digestive system. For this they should do Mayurasana. Apart from this, the opposite Karani posture is also beneficial. In this posture, both the feet are kept above the wall. It removes stress and anxiety. Along with this, it is also right to do headstands. Light and comfortable exercises are especially beneficial for them.

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The element of Libra is Air and the lord is Venus. They want to look attractive and beautiful, younger than their age. They often have back pain, kidney/kidney and headache problems. Vrikshasana leads to attainment of mental balance. The practice of Nadi Shodhana Pranayama is also important for them. This improves the respiratory system and relieves stress. For them gym, touraki and meditation are also important.

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The element of Scorpio is water and the lords are Mars and Ketu. They are passionate and sensual and love to show off but go to the gym. On International Yoga Day 21 June 2021 (international-yoga-day-21-june), we are telling you easy postures for Scorpio. Padmasana is better. This increases concentration. Apart from this, Ustrasana and Baddha Konasana are also important. Ustrasana strengthens the back muscles, while Baddha Konasana improves blood circulation and keeps the heart healthy as well as benefits in the problems of private parts.

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The element of Sagittarius is fire and the lord is Guru. They also complain of sciatica, joint and hip pain. Sagittarius sign people can start Kapotasana and Supta Matsyendrasana from Yoga Day. It provides relief from joint pain, back pain and tension in the hips. Apart from this, sleeping padangusthasana is also beneficial. It also provides relief from back pain, back pain, strain in the thigh nerves, etc. They should also focus on sports.

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The element of Capricorn is Earth and the lord is Saturn. Because they are hardworking. If you want to start yoga from yoga day, then Tadasana is better for you. This gives strength to the feet. They complain of indigestion, rheumatism, pain in the feet and epilepsy etc. In such a situation, Utkatasana is also beneficial for them. This gives a feeling of strength and energy in the body.

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The element of Aquarius is Air and the lords are Saturn and Rahu. People of this zodiac may also have blood pressure, stomach and nerves problems and anemia. Downward dog posture is better for them. This strengthens the legs, arms and shoulders. Apart from this, Ardha Matsyendrasana posture and Bhujangasana should be done. This improves the digestive system and blood circulation. Running is also beneficial for them.

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The element of Pisces is water and the lords are Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces people should do Balasan from Yoga Day so that their positivity remains. Apart from problems related to nerves, they are prone to insomnia, anaemia and diseases related to stomach or water. They also benefit from Halasana, Pranayama and Sarvangasana. It gives relief from back pain, insomnia and anaemia etc. For them, along with swimming, walking in the morning and evening is also beneficial.

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Know the rules of doing yoga on this yoga day

International Yoga Day is on 21st June. As soon as the day of yoga comes, waves start rising in the mind to do yoga. Suddenly youths also leave the gym and start coming towards yoga. There is a tremendous attraction towards yoga among common people too. Experts say that many things should be taken care of before practising yoga. Along with this, many rules should be kept in mind while practising yoga. We are telling you some such rules-

  • Do not start yoga practice suddenly. Before starting yoga, practice the body by doing morning walk for a certain time for two-three days.
  • Never do difficult postures at the beginning of yoga practice. One should always start with simple and simple yoga asanas. Do pranayama and meditation also under this rule.
  • The benefits of practising yoga under the open sky instead of a closed room are more, but instead of doing yoga on an empty ground, practice yoga by laying a mat or yoga mat.
  • It is not necessary that the practice of yoga is done only in the morning. Although it is good to do yoga at sunrise, yoga can be done in the evening as well.
  • Do not eat any heavy diet or food for an hour after doing yoga. At the same time, do not do any yoga for three hours after eating.
  • Yogasana should never be skipped after a week or two. If there is a problem of time on any day, then instead of yoga on that day, the body can be warmed up by walking for a certain time.
  • Doing yoga while watching TV or watching videos can be harmful. Always practice yoga with an expert for a month or two. After this you can do yoga alone.
  • After doing yoga, meditation is necessary for some time to relax the body. By doing this you will get rid of fatigue in some time.
  • Many people see yoga asanas associated with any religion. it’s not like that at all. Yogasana is a way to keep the body energetic.
  • One should avoid wearing tight clothes during yoga.
  • Surya Namaskar is the simplest and easiest yoga. Experts believe that after completing its full cycle, there is no need for any other posture. Complete the cycle of 12 asanas under Surya Namaskar. Do not leave Surya Namaskar in the middle.

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