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Let’s understand How Zodiac Signs affect Ghosting on Halloween

Let’s understand How Zodiac Signs affect Ghosting on Halloween

In the field of online dating, the term “ghosting” was invented to characterize the act of abruptly ceasing communication without justification. However, it has permeated modern culture so thoroughly that stories of people being ghosted after job interviews are commonplace. Here’s the list of zodiac signs with the highest probability of ghosting you starting from no. 1.

Libra Zodiac Sign:

It might surprise you to find Libra on this list because Venus, the planet of love, rules this sign. Libras are drawn to handsome, stylish, and amenable spouses because they are so preoccupied with beauty, stability, and balance. They kinda think that “there’s always someone better, more suited out there,” which leads them to ghost when something that seems more attractive enters their path quickly but subtly. “

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign:

Being the zodiac sign of the adventurous traveler, it is not strange that Sagittarians are prepared to depart at a drop of a hat. “More often than they care to admit, they’ll ghost because they become so tangled up in the chaos of their lives that they forget to end the connection,” says Echols. When they understand whatever they’ve done, it’s too late to repair what they’ve done, so they just vanish.

The fact that the Sagittarius in your life is “caring and loving superficially” can make you uncomfortable even if you happen to be aware of their adventurous character.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign:

Scorpios are profound, and when they get into one of their dark, murky moods they seem unreachable. The more you try to connect with them and ask questions, the more likely it is that they will pull away and abandon you.

Not that it’s impossible to have a committed relationship with a Scorpio. For them, it’s all or nothing. There’s no reason to end something that was never serious since either they are totally involved in the relationship and unlikely to ever leave you or it was just a casual fling.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

These curious twins are “prone to indecisiveness and flaky behaviour.” Their relationships are challenged by the conflict between their hearts’ desire for independence and their minds’ desire for stability.

Naturally, their lack of discipline qualifies them as “commitment-phobes.” Gemini is controlled by the talkative Mercury, thus it may come as a surprise to some that Mercury is the planet of creativity and big-thinking. As a result, Geminis are prone to having a wandering gaze and believing that the grass is greener on the other side.

However, what causes the ghosting is their persistent drive to have fun and find intriguing, novel situations. ” If you interfere with their life or take away their enjoyment, you’ll be miserable rather than having fun.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Like Gemini, Aquarius is a sign that is always looking to shake things up.

The ability to immediately dissociate from any emotions of emotion makes Aquarians capable of becoming rather frigid in relationships, yet having a warm and gregarious side. Since emotions can make Aquarius feel quite uneasy, especially when they are others’ emotions, they would rather ghost than face breaking up with someone.

Because they enjoy keeping things loose, they may not even be aware that they are ghosting you. They will ghost you while they walk out to experience something new and interesting if they feel you’ve grown too attached or that the relationship has become too predictable.

Aries Zodiac Sign

The fiery Ram and rebellious sign of Aries seeks freedom. Aries is all about passion, exploration, and self-discovery since they are controlled by fiery Mars. They like the beginning phases of getting to know someone, but they are impulsive when it comes to stronger, more lasting bonds.

As a result, Aries may effortlessly go from one relationship to the next. They’ve had a completely different relationship while you’re still attempting to determine whether you’ve been ghosted and what went wrong. She does point out that this isn’t typically done on purpose, though. They assume that since you two agreed on everything for the duration of your relationship, you must both be dissatisfied and eager to end it.

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