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Reasons and Methods To Get Rid Of Pitra Dosh or Pitra Rin

Reasons and Methods To Get Rid Of Pitra Dosh or Pitra Rin

In the Indian season of Kwar (which falls between the Rainy season and the Winter season) the Sun resides in the Virgo sign. Shradh Paksha also known as Pitru Paksh falls in this period. During the Shardh Paksh, people perform puja and rituals to get rid of Pitru Dosh (bad karma vis-a-vis our ancestors) and Pitru Rin (karmic debt which has been passed on to us by our ancestors). Souls of our ancestors, who are in the Chandra Lok (Lunar Realm) accept the food offered by their offsprings and are appeased. If the souls of our ancestors are content, they will bless their children. However, if Shradh is not observed, souls of our ancestors will not be appeased, and they will be born into the world of ghosts and evil spirits.

Shradh is observed so we can free ourselves of our ancestors’ Pitru Dosh and Pitru Rin. It is believed that people should pay off the Pitru Rin. Pitru Rin may be of several types like Matru (mother’s), bhratra (brother’s), dev, Brahma. But nowadays these debts are collectively referred to as Pitru Rin. Buy the Pitru Dosh Yantra, settle the problems of your life.

If one dishonours his/her father, father’s brother or other elder members of the family or doesn’t take care of them during their ill-health, it causes Pitru Dosh.

Similarly, if one insults his/her mother, mother’s sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and ousts them from home when they get widowed, he/she will invite Pitru Dosh.

If one doesn’t observe Shradh for the departed souls, he/she is bound to incur Pitru Dosh.

One who kills his wife for want of dowry will suffer from Pitru Rin.

Cutting a peepal tree or other fruit bearing trees, troubles the ancestors and causes Pitru Rin.

One who cheats and acquires somebody else’s property will face Pitru Rin.

Offer water to the Sun God daily

Every amavasya, make donations to poor Brahmins while remembering your ancestors

Help poor girls get married

Do not steal somebody else’s money, don’t cheat.

Feed roti (chapati) to cows and dogs every day

Offer milk to a Banyan tree

Donate five types of fruits every month in Lord Vishnu’s temple

Carry out Rudrabhishek in Lord Shiva’s temple

Don’t perform your ancestor’s Shradh in somebody else’s home. It is believed that if we perform our Shradh in somebody else’s home, his ancestors may destroy our karma.

Gaya is a good place for performing Shradh. It is said that Lord Rama had performed Shradh of his father Dashrath in Gaya.

Besides, Matru Shradh is performed in Sidhpur (Gujarat). Here one can get rid of Matru Rin.

It is said that only by performing Shradh at Gaya one can get free of Pitru Rin.

Only by performing Shradh along with Shradh Tarpan, we can be freed from our difficulties.

Nag Bali Narayan Bali is worhsipped in Ujjain, Nasik, Haridwar, Varanasi to clear Sarva Rin.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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