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Holi Ke Upay Or Achuk Totke

Holi Ke Upay Or Achuk Totke

Worshiping Holika gives benefits and the person gets auspicious results. Similarly, there are some tricks on the day of Holi, which can be adopted to remove negativity as well as prevent diseases and get other auspicious results. On the day of Holi, using colors according to your zodiac sign, you can also make auspicious results in your favor. Here we will know those things, which by doing on the day of Holi, one gets auspicious results.

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  • On the day of Holika Dahan, the negative powers are removed from the house by burning the totka and body’s rubbish in Holika.
  • Taking off the eyes of the house, shop and workplace, burning it in Holika is beneficial.
    To get rid of fear and debt, reciting Narasimha Stotra is beneficial.
  • After Holika Dahan, burning coconut in the burning fire removes the obstacles of the job.
    If you are constantly troubled by disease, then sprinkling the ashes left after Holika Dahan on the sleeping place of the patient gives benefit.
  • For success, offer coconut, betel leaf and betel nut at the place of Holika Dahan.
  • Offer barley-flour in Holika’s fire to get rid of home troubles and for happiness and peace.
    On the second day of Holika Dahan, taking ashes and tying it in a red handkerchief and keeping it in place of money stops wasteful expenditure.
  • For peace in married life, on the night of Holi, spread a white cloth on a pat in the north direction and install the Navagraha Yantra on a pile of moong, gram dal, rice, wheat, lentils, black urad and sesame seeds. After this, after doing saffron tilak, worship by lighting a ghee lamp.
  •  On the day of Holi, on the day of Holi, on the morning of a betel leaf, offer a lump of betel nut and turmeric on the Shivling and come home without turning. Do the same experiment the next day as well.
  • To protect against evil eye, mix barley, arsi and kush in cow dung and make a small upla and hang it on the main door of the house.
  • On the night of Holika Dahan, after energizing Tagar, Kakjangha, Kesar with the mantra “Clean Kamdevaya Phat Swaha”, mixing it with Abir or Gulal on the day of Holi, it becomes subdued.
    Similarly, at the time of Holi worship, prove the Vaijayanti garland by chanting ‘Om Kree Kameshwari Vashya Priya Krein’. After this, after chanting 11 rosaries, wearing that garland and going in front of a man, he will gradually be subdued.
  • On the night of Holi, there is an increase in wealth by chanting the mantra “Om Namo Dhandaya Swaha”.
  • Taking 21 Gomti Chakra and offering it on Shivling on the night of Holika Dahan, there is benefit in business.
  • To get relief from any trick, dig a pit at the Holika Dahan site on the night of Holi and press 11 energized shells in it. On the next day, take out the shells and tie them in blue cloth with the soil of your house and throw them in running water.
  • To get back the loan amount, sprinkling green gulal on her name by writing her name with pomegranate wood at Holika Dahan site and requesting her money back will be beneficial.
    All the obstacles are removed by lighting a lamp of ghee under a peepal tree at 12 o’clock on the night of Holi and doing seven rounds.
  • To remove planetary defects, play Holi with the colors of the zodiac.

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On the day of Holi, if you play Holi with colors according to your zodiac sign, it also pacifies the planetary defects. Let us know which color is auspicious for the people of which zodiac sign. You can try it this Holi.

  • Aries – Red and pink are the best colors for Aries.
  • Taurus – People of Taurus zodiac play Holi with white and cream colours.
  • Gemini – Green and yellow colors are auspicious for the people of Gemini.
  • Cancer – It will be better for Cancer people to use white and cream colors.
  • Leo – Yellow and saffron colors are very good for the people of Leo zodiac.
  • Virgo – Green is considered to be the best color for the people of Virgo zodiac.
  • Libra – White and yellow color are auspicious for the people of Libra zodiac.
  • Scorpio – Red and pink are the best colors for Scorpio people.
  • Sagittarius – Red and yellow are the best colors for the people of Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn – Blue and green colors are considered auspicious for the people of Capricorn.
  • Aquarius – Blue color is auspicious for the people of Aquarius.
  • Pisces – Pisces people should play Holi with yellow and red colors only.

  • On this day, after getting clean, wear clean clothes, especially red colored dhoti, and offer Chola and rose flower garland to Hanumanji.
  • By taking a petal of a rose garland and tying it in a red cloth and keeping it in the safe of the house, there is no shortage of money.
  • Use of jasmine oil for worship is auspicious.
  • Remember Shri Ram and Hanuman at the time of worship.
  • Chanting five rounds of the following mantra with Tulsi garland is beneficial.

Ram Rameti Rameti Rame Rame Manorme.

Sahastra naam tattulyam ram naam varanne.

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