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Gayatri Jayanti Date Puja Vidhi Mantra Katha

Gayatri Jayanti Date Puja Vidhi Mantra Katha

Gayatri Jayanti is a mythological tradition celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Mata Gayatri. The day of Ekadashi of Jyeshtha month is celebrated as the birthday of Mother Gayatri. According to the Hindu religious calendar, in the year 2023, Gayatri Jayanti will be celebrated on May 31. However, due to the spread of Hinduism and differences of opinion, Gayatri Jayanti is also celebrated on the day of Shravan Purnima in the southern part of India. In the year 2023, Shravan Purnima Gayatri Jayanti will be celebrated on 31st August. Shravan Purnima Gayatri Jayanti is known as Sanskrit Day. On the occasion of Gayatri Jayanti, let us remember the divine form of Mother Gayatri, Gayatri Mantra, Gayatri Jayanti Puja Muhurta, Gayatri Jayanti Puja Vidhi and various divine things related to Mother Gayatri.

Veda Mata Gayatri

Mother Gayatri is considered to be the goddess of the trinity gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Being the goddess of all the Vedas, Gayatri is also known as Veda Mata. He is considered to be the embodiment of all the sattvik qualities and all the good qualities present in the universe are the gift of Mother Gayatri. Mata Gayatri is believed to be the mother of the gods and an incarnation of goddesses Saraswati, Parvati and Lakshmi.

When is Gayatri Jayanti? (gayatri jayanti date 2023)

Gayatri Jayanti date – 31 May 2023, Wednesday
Date of Gayatri Jayanti – Jyeshtha Ekadashi

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Gayatri Jayanti Time 2023
Gayatri Jayanti Date Start – 30th May 2023 at 01:07 PM
Gayatri Jayanti date ends – 31th May 2023 at 01:45 PM

Mata gayatri marriage

According to mythological beliefs, Mahashakti Mata Gayatri is believed to have been married to Brahma. According to Hindu Vedic literature and Puranas, Brahmaji has two wives, one Gayatri and the other Savitri. Being the consort of Prajapati Brahma, Mother Gayatri works in the conscious world to maintain continuity in the world. On the other hand, Mother Savitri helps in the operation of the material world. Think of it like this, when we do any kind of invention or discovery related to new origin, then it is received by the compassion of Mother Savitri. Whereas Mother Gayatri flows in the form of different types of powers within the living beings, they can be in the form of any kind of talent, characteristics and knowledge. The person who knows the right way to use the power of Mother Gayatri, can enjoy the happiness in life as he desires.

Origin of Gayatri Mantra

According to the beliefs, for the first time the Gayatri Mantra was realized by the Supreme Father Brahma and by the grace of Mother Gayatri, he explained the Gayatri Mantra (gayatri mantra in hindi) from each of his mouths. It is believed that the four Vedas, which are called the foundation of Hinduism, are the explanation of this Gayatri Mantra which was done by the Supreme Father Brahma. It is believed that earlier the Gayatri Mantra was limited only to the gods, but just as Bhagirath did the work of purifying the body and mind of the people by bringing the Ganges to the earth, similarly sage Vishwamitra brought the Gayatri Mantra to the common people. Cleaned up. It is believed that Gayatri Mata resides in the Surya Mandal. Those who have any dosha related to Sun in their horoscope, they can chant Gayatri Mantra.

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra

Like any other mantra, Gayatri Mantra also purifies your body, mind and soul through its phonetics. The 24 letters of Gayatri Mantra work to awaken the 24 powers of the seekers. The words of this mantra are associated with various qualities like success, accomplishments and prosperity. Let us try to understand the meaning of Gayatri Mantra literally.
Gayatri Mantra – Om Bhur Bhuvah Swah.
That saviturvarenyam.
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi.
Dhyo yo nah prachodayat
Meaning of Gayatri Mantra in Hindi – Let us imbibe in our soul that life-form, sorrow-destroyer, happiness-form, superior, brilliant, sin-destroyer, God-form God. May that God guide our intellect in the right path.

Maa Gayatri Puja Vidhi (gayatri pooja vidhi)

Mata Gayatri can be worshiped at any time and in any situation. Worship of Maa Gayatri is considered beneficial in every situation, but Gayatri Puja done methodically, selflessly and with least rituals of feelings is considered to be very beneficial. Maa Gayatri should be worshiped regularly after retiring from daily activities in the morning and sitting in the position of Sukhasan at a certain place and time. Along with this, at least three quantities of Gayatri Mantra should also be chanted. The method of worshiping Maa Gayatri is as follows.
First of all make your body pure through Panchakarma.
Panchakarmas include sanctification, achman, shikha vandan, pranayama and trust.
Then, for the worship of Goddess, remember Mother Gayatri sitting in front of the idol or picture of Mother Gayatri with true heart and consider her as incarnated in that picture or statue.
Then offer water, akshat, flowers, incense-lamp and naivedya to the mother with rituals.
After this, meditate on the mother with your inner soul and chant three rounds of Gayatri Mantra or the mantra for at least 15 minutes. Keep in mind that while chanting the mantra, your lips should move but your voice should be so low that even the person sitting nearby cannot hear it.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,