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Worship Lord Ganesha according to the zodiac to get special boon

Worship Lord Ganesha according to the zodiac to get special boon

Lord Ganesha has got the right of first worship in Hinduism. He is called by many names including Vighnaharta, Mangalkaraka, Vinayaka, Sankatnashak. This year in 2023, Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated across the country from January 25. From this day, the ten-day Ganesh festival will begin in many parts of the country including Maharashtra, Gujarat. These days are considered to be the best to get the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha will stay in his house for ten days on the invitation of the devotees. During this, people of different zodiac signs can get blessings from Lord Ganesha by performing special poojas. Use Durva in Ganesh Puja, Tulsi leaves should not be used.

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  • Aries– If you are a native of Aries, then chant Ganesh’s mantra Om Vakratundaya Hoon. Laddus made of jaggery should be offered to the Lord for ten days. Apart from this, chuhara can also be offered. Aries natives should use red colored flowers in the worship of God.
  • Taurus– People of Taurus zodiac worship Lord Ganesha in Vinayaka form. Vinayak is that form, when Mother Parvati prepared Ganesha in the form of a child from the rubbish on the body and breathed life into it. People of Taurus zodiac should offer coconut laddus to God.
  • Gemini– The people of Gemini zodiac should also worship Goddess Lakshmi along with Ganesha. Offer green colored clothes to Lord Ganesha. Offer laddus made of moong to the deity.

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  • Cancer – People of Cancer zodiac should offer modak, butter and kheer along with worshiping the Ekadanta form of God. Make a silver idol of God and worship him.
  • Leo– The people of Leo zodiac should offer food to God by making chuhara or kharak kheer. Also worship the gentle form of God.
  • Virgo – The zodiac lord of the people of this zodiac is Mercury. Vighnaharta form of such Lord Ganesha should be worshipped. The natives of Virgo can offer green apple with cardamom, raisins. Moong laddus can also be offered to God.

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  • Libra– People of Libra zodiac should offer laddus of sugar candy to God. The people of Libra zodiac should worship light cream colored idol of God.
  • Scorpio – People of Scorpio zodiac should offer jaggery laddus to God. On the other hand, worship the red colored idol of Ganesha.
  • Sagittarius – People of Sagittarius zodiac should chant Om Ganpataye Namah during Ganesh festival. Offer gram flour laddus to the Lord.
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  • Capricorn– The native of Capricorn should worship the Shakti form of Ganesha. The people of Capricorn should offer til laddus. In these ten days of the festival of God, one should also get the blessings of Shani Dev along with the Lord.
  • Aquarius– Saturn is also the lord of Aquarius. In such a situation, Lord should be offered Til Kutta or sweets made from sesame seeds. The people of Aquarius can also worship Shani Dev.
  • Pisces – Offer banana with gram flour laddus to Lord Ganesha, a person born in Pisces. Worship the idol of Pitta Varna of Ganesha in copper, brass or gold.

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With the blessings of Ganeshji,