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Don’t Spoil The Greenery And Don’t Spoil The Scenery Save Mother Earth!

Don’t Spoil The Greenery And Don’t Spoil The Scenery Save Mother Earth!

Introduction Earth Day:

The Earth is the only home we have,if we destroy it we may cease to exist.The Earth is like an old mother wailing to be healed.Mother Earth does not owe us anything but has always blessed us with life which must be saved.Earth is the source of all basic elements but today she is facing major survival threats from human beings.If immediate steps are not taken to stop destruction, the human race might come to an end or completely perish.

Sometimes to change a situation you require to take a giant leap and unless you don’t spread your wings you will not realise as to how great heights you can soar.Earth Day is celebrated as a remembrance to pledge our duty of saving Mother Nature.

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, to honour the achievements of the environmental movement and raise awareness for long-term ecological sustainability.It should, therefore, be the responsibility of every human being to take care of his environment.If the inhabitants of planet Earth want their common house to be a blooming garden,then they should make efforts to protect it.The Earth Day gives an opportunity to every citizen irrespective of his nationality to discuss global ecological problems and provide solutions to protect and improve the environment.

The Senator of USA Gaylord Nelson organised the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 after a historic event of enormous oil spill at Santa Barbara, California in 1969, which caused huge devastation.

The First Earth day was designed as an “environmental teach-in” to educate people to understand the importance of environmental conservation to eradicate climatic changes, pollution, protect endangered species and move towards a sustainable future.Besides this, the day has also given birth to landmark accomplishments such as the establishment of “Environmental Protection Agency in 1970.”

Earth Day 2023,which is be celebrated on April 22,will be a historic day as it will mark its 50th Anniversary where citizens from all around the world will rise up in unison for innovation to meet with climate crisis and seize opportunities for a zero-carbon future.

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From 1990 Earth Day went global and is now celebrated across 193 countries of the world.Every Earth Day is marked with a specific theme like Be Kind To The Earth, Trees Please, Reduce, Clear The Air, Mobilize The Earth, Green Cities, Environmental And Climate Literacy, End Plastic Pollution, Protect Our Species,etc.The theme for Earth Day to be celebrated on April 22, 2023 will emphasize on climate change and global warming.

The Earth Day this year is scheduled to be celebrated by planning environmental awareness events,marches,organising campaigns, sharing on social media, taking an act of green, downloading posters and images to spread awareness.You can be a part of this Nature awareness programme by following some simple steps at home:

  • Keep your car parked in your garage and walk up distances
  • Practice Yoga outdoors to save electricity
  • Plant a tree to restore the balance of the ecosystem
  • Keep your garden clean by discarding thrash
  • Invest in reusable items such as tea or coffee cups
  • Unplug your Tv sets and spend time with Nature
  • Grow fresh organic produce to eliminate carbon emissions
  • Carry reusable shopping stuff and reduce the use of plastic bags
  • Use Earth-Friendly cleaning products such as lemon juice and vinegar to clean your house floors.
  • Try and turn a vegetarian for the day as excessive demand for meat creates excessive strain on environmental resources

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The Earth Day horoscope features the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Taurus, which is considered the most grounded Earth sign. It gives Earth Day a practical agenda and highlights the peace and beauty of the earth.The chart also has Pluto placed in Virgo, which suggests growth and conservation.Besides,the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio rule recycling and the regenerative forces of Nature.

The Earth has sustained humans who arrived as aborigins but gradually changed the and destroyed the environment.Earth Day can be meaningful only if we strive to curb deforestation,urbanization, industrialization, plastic pollution, poaching, etc.Each day must be an “Earth Day”.Every person must in his own little way try to restore all that is best and help in balancing the harm due to the ecosystem.

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