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Yami Gautam Birthday Predictions: The Year 2021 for Uri actress

Don’t we all remember Yami Gautam for those series of Fair & Lovely commercials? After featuring in some of the progressive TV serials, she came into the world of advertisements. Fortunately, she did not just stop with TV and Ads, and we got to see her adorable character in Vicky Donor alongside Ayushmann Khurrana. In a subdued role with a lot of layers, she was able to impress everyone, and gave us a peek into what was about to come.

Though the next few years of her career were filled with breaks and films that somehow failed to click with the audience, she always made sure to bring her best to the screen. Badlapur and Uri are the perfect examples of how she has a powerful presence even in the smaller, yet solid roles. Some of her best performances also include playing a blind girl in Kabil and a TikTok star in Bala.

With a lukewarm response to Ginny weds Sunny, it needs to be seen what we can expect from Yami Gautam in 2021. What better day for that than her Birthday? Let’s find out what astrology has for her in the upcoming year. You too can get to know more about your year ahead, with our Free 2023 Yearly Report.

Date of Birth: 28 November 1988
Time of Birth: Not Known
Place of Birth: Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, India


Born on 28th November, Yami Gautam’s Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius. Since we do not have the exact time of birth, we will be analysing Yami Gautam’s Surya Kundli. Though the time of birth is essential, a lot can also be predicted about one’s future with Surya Kundli itself. Let’s see what it has to say:

As we can see in her birth chart, Jupiter’s transit will aspect Jupiter situated in the 7th house. The transiting Saturn will aspect the Mars in the 5th house. The transit of Rahu, on the other hand, will take place over Mercury and the Sun in the Ascendant. Yami Gautam will be under the influence of Mahadasha of Ketu and Antardasha of Venus, which will end on 22nd September 2021. After that, the sub-period of the Sun will begin. How will all these transits affect Yami’s 2021? Here is how

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‘Agra ka Daabra’, formerly known as ‘Humara Bajaj’, is her ambitious collaboration with her first Director/Producer duo, Shoojit Sircar and John Abraham. Just like Vicky Donor, she would be co-starring with Ayushmann in this long delayed-release. However, there are some chances that the movie may see the light of the day in December 2020. At that time, she will be under the influence of Antardasha of Mars, the Ascendant lord Mars will aspect 11th house and Venus, which is the lord of 7th house. This is likely to give her fortune a boost and may make it one of the most successful movies of her career.

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Her modelling and advertising career are also likely to be in a smooth form during 2021. She may get an endorsement offer from a brand that is related to hygiene and cosmetics, as Antardasha of Sun starts post 3rd week of September 2021. There are chances of her promoting a brand in a completely different way than she has before.

The Mahadasha of Ketu, along with the transition of Jupiter having an aspect on the natal Jupiter in the 7th house denote public support for Yami Gautam. Moreover, the transiting Saturn that aspects Venus in the 12th house is predicting a success related to digital media. In short, if Yami Gautam is taking on shows and films on digital platforms, the audience is in for a treat

The significator of the 5th house (house of love and relationship), Jupiter, is situated in the 7th house, the house of marriage. The Natal Jupiter is aspected by the transiting Jupiter from the 3rd house. This means, there is a strong possibility of someone special entering Yami Gautam’s life in 2021.

Healthwise, Saturn transiting in its own sign and aspect its exalted sign in the 12th house will protect her from any health disturbances. However, transiting Rahu over the Sun and Mercury in the Ascendant may bring some health issues for her. She may have complaints related to headache, suffocation, nerve issues, and problems related to eyes for a shorter duration. A break from the busy schedule may help her in recovering from that.

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More substantial movies and roles await for this beautiful actress, as we wish her all the best for her career and health in 2021. May we get to see her more frequently on the silver screen.

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