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Wipro Technologies targeting the telecom, banking and financial service

Wipro Technologies targeting the telecom, banking and financial service

Wipro, the country’s third largest software services exporter, shall be targeting the telecom, banking and financial services in the country. Transiting Jupiter from first house shall help it in finding at outsourcing deals in IT infrastructure integration, software testing and security consulting.

Looking at company’s date of first trade chart, there is Sagittarius ascendant with Taurus Navamansha. Jupiter, Mars and Venus are in conjunction in Scorpio. Sun, Mercury, Rahu are in conjunction in Libra. Saturn from third house is aspecting Natal Jupiter, Mars and Venus. Company’s progress in Indian Share market is good and satisfactory for investors. Ganesha observes that share price has started to decline since February 15, 2007. All time high is 1725 and 52 week high is 691. During the great Bull in this year (2007), share price has not achieved good peaks. Its current last traded price is 442.551. Share price may take hike during the forthcoming year.

Ganesha sees that transiting Saturn and Ketu will provide wide range of new ventures such as consulting, software development and testing services to both Australian companies and other firms that are based in that country. Company shall obtain new employees for overseas projects and development.

Ganesha finds that the reason for setback in setting up bases in Australia has been the slow opening up of the domestic Australian market and this is all because of the aspect of transiting Saturn on Natal Sun and Rahu. In addition, domestic Australian companies like, Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ), The Macquarie Group Qantas, among others are already beginning to outsource a part of their work to Indian software companies.

An appreciating rupee has been in the middle of the main reasons for companies rushing to open new development centers. The Indian currency has appreciated almost 9 per cent since April this year against the dollar and has led to restless nights for most Indian IT companies that on an average earned about 70 per cent of their revenues from US-based clients. With Australian companies starting to hold outsourcing, Indian companies quite clearly need to strengthen their presence there quickly.

Fundamentals of the company are strong enough to offer dividends and gains to their investors. Ganesha wishes company to climb up once again the peak of 1725.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,