Will Prabhas Be Able To Match The High Expectations Of Fans?

Will Prabhas Be Able To Match The High Expectations Of Fans?

Prabhas has become one of the most wanted actors after the massive success of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘Saaho’. Now, Telugu’s ‘Rebel Star’ is all set for his upcoming film ‘Salaar’. It is an action thriller film that also features Shruti Hassan in the lead role. The movie is directed by KGF famous director, Prashanth Neel. In the film, Prabhas will play the role of a violent character. ‘Salaar’ is set to hit theatres on Apr 14, 2022.

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Prabhas was born on Oct 23, 1979, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His solar chart shows that four big planets Sun, Venus, Moon, and Mercury, are located in the Libra sign. At the same time, Saturn, Jupiter, and Rahu are present in his zodiac sign Leo. Due to the unusual positions of all these big planets, Prabhas’ horoscope is imbalanced. As a result, when he is successful, he gets success in all the endeavours, or nothing goes right at all. It is always the extreme case scenario, nothing in between.

If we look at his future at the time of the release of the film Salaar, there will be a transit of three big planets, Venus, Moon, and Mercury, over his natal Sun. So, the coming time is likely to be tough for him. However, the film is expected to do better in foreign countries.

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