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Will Deeppika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh’s love last?

Will Deeppika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh’s love last?

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh is on Australia tour and Bollywood latest heartthrob Deeppika Padukone is shooting at Sydney for Yash Raj banner’s movie. They have been noticed dating each other. Is it that that Deepika seems to have something to do with cricket? Earlier there was news that she was involved with Dhoni. Astrology is the key to such a quest.

Ganesha would like to throw light on important points in both the charts to find out what is the potential of this relationship.

Yuvraj Singh’s Planets Sign Deeppika Padukone’s Planets Sign
Sun Scorpio Sun Sagittarius
Moon Gemini Moon Libra
Mars Virgo Mars Libra
Mercury Scorpio Mercury Sagittarius
Jupiter Libra Jupiter Capricorn
Venus Capricorn Venus Sagittarius
Saturn Virgo Saturn Scorpio
Rahu Gemini Rahu Aries
Ketu Sagittarius Ketu Libra
Uranus Scorpio Uranus Scorpio
Neptune Sagittarius Neptune Sagittarius
Pluto Libra Pluto Libra

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Yuvraj’s Venus is in Capricorn which indicates that he is responsible and a sincere lover. He might have to put in more efforts to woo the partner. However, once he decides, he may try lhis evel best to achieve the target. He would generally be aware where the relationship is heading.

Sagittarius is the sign of Target and Expansion or even Exploration. With Venus in Sagittarius, Deepika would believe in learning out of relationships. She can use her wit to keep the relationship charmed and charged up. She will like a person who is full of life.

As Yuvraj and Deepika’s Venus are in semi sextile position, they may not understand each other’s requirements in love very properly. The same is with their Vedic Sun signs. So, they will really need to adjust a lot with each other in order to maintain this relationship. Both can be apprehensive about each other’s way of life. Deepika may require freedom whereas Yuvraj may not permit it beyond a point. Therefore, there can be differences between both of them on this count.

Ganesha observes that Deepika’s Jupiter and Yuvraj’s Venus are in Capricorn. Ketu and Neptune are in Sagittarius in Yuvraj’s chart and Deepika’s Venus is in Sagittarius. Ganesha believes that this relationship is Karmic, as Ketu is involved in planetary pattern. Transiting Jupiter is at present passing through Sagittarius and is approaching Deepika’s Natal Venus, this is why marriage and related matters are in the air.

Eros is Cupid (Kaamdev in Sanskrit) and Psyche is Rati-his wife. In Synastry (the match making chart or Kundli Matching) if one’s Eros falls on another’s Psyche or viz a viz, there is strong mutual attraction between the couple. These two Asteroids are very important for love, effectively used in Synastry readings.

Using Western Tropical Ephemeris, Ganesha finds following position in Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh’s Horoscopes.

Deepika Padukone
Psyche in Gemini 8 degree
Eros in Sagittarius 9 Sagittarius

Yuvraj Singh
Psyche in Virgo 15 degree
Eros in Taurus 12 degree

Here, we note that there is no apparent relation between Eros and Psyche. Still, the truth is both are dating each other. Solution is very simple. Ganesha erects Solar Return Chart for Deepika and Yuvraj and here is the answer. Following are positions of Eros and Psyche in their Solar Return charts.

Deepika Solar Return
Psyche in Scorpio at 14 degree
Eros in Aquarius 29 degree

Yuvraj Singh Solar Return
Psyche in Sagittarius 23 degree
Eros in Sagittarius 4 degree

Because Eros is a male and Psyche is a female, let us take Yuvraj Singh’s Eros and Deepika’s Psyche. Yuvraj’s Eros is in Sagittarius 4 degree in the Solar Return chart and it forms perfect opposition within the orb of 4 degree with Deepika’s Psyche in Gemini at 8 degree. This is a strong reason why both are attracted towards each other.

Nevertheless, as there is no mutual relation between Eros and Psyche in Natal Horoscopes, the relationship is not very potent.

Rahu, a natural malefic planet will transit over Yuvraj’s Natal Venus in June 2009. Rahu’s transit over Deepika’s Vedic Sun Sign’s Lord Jupiter will happen in July and August 2008. Both the phases are crucial for this relationship as per Ganesha’s view. Except for the points explained above, Ganesha doesn’t find this relationship very strong astrologically. If at all they want to go ahead seriously, they will require lots of adjustments in the relationship. However, as stated above, Ganesha feels that this relationship may pass through rough patches as it goes ahead and there are scopes of estrangement between the two.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni