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Will ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ find the road-map to success? Ganesha foretells

Will ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ find the road-map to success? Ganesha foretells

-Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for the thrill as Anjaana Ranbir Kapoor and Anjaani Priyanka Chopra are just round the corner, ready to whisk you off on a journey of cinematic pleasure and adventure. The two heartthrobs are all set to woo and entertain the audiences with their latest romcom ‘Anjaana Anjaani’. Coming from director Siddharth Anand, whose previous films like ‘Salaam Namaste’ and ‘Bachana Ae Haseeno’ had an instant connect with the youth, the film is bound to be much awaited by the young and young-at-heart across the world. The eye-ball grabbing promos of the movie have inspired many youngsters who have already started sporting Priyanka’s grungy look and Ranbir’s cool attitude.

This quarter of the year has not really been auspicious for the film industry, barring one or two surprise hits. That’s the reason people have a lot of expectations from ‘Anjaana Anjaani’, which is releasing on 24th September, 2010. Will the film withstand the litmus test? Ganesha finds out with the help of Vedic Astrology.

Anjaana Anjaani Release time chart for India’s major territory


  • Libra rising (Ascendant) in the release time chart, with Swagruhi Venus and Mars in the detrimental sign
  • Karma Bhuvan Lord Moon is placed with a benefic i.e. Jupiter in the 6th House 7th House is aspected by it’s Lord
  • Ketu is placed in the House of luck – Bhagya Bhuvan

  • Swagruhi Venus in the Ascendant placed with Mars indicates that ‘Anjaana Anjaani’ will be a love story, which may have a good start at the
    box office. The response from the audience will be good during the first weekend and first week.
  • With the word of mouth, this film will be able to lure more people. This film will also do good business overseas.
  • After the first week, due to competition, the business will decrease a bit, but still the film may run successfully for at least three weeks after the release.
  • Ganesha feels that even if this film does not prove to be a block-buster at the box office, it will be able to stand for about two weeks without
    any hassles and will generate good business.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni