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Vidhya Balan – Sharing Birthday and New Year Wishes

Vidhya Balan – Sharing Birthday and New Year Wishes

Vidya Balan may not have the beauty of Aaishwarya, the pomp of Kareena Kapoor nor the richness of Sushmita Sen but she definitely has the right mix to make it big on screen.

Vidya Balan is born with Sun sign Capricorn. She has Sun, Mercury, Ketu and Neptune in Sagittarius. Venus is retrograde in Capricorn in Square to her Jupiter in Libra. Saturn and Mars are conjunct in Virgo.

Vidya is an intelligent and hard working actress as per the view of Ganesha. She has Venus trine in Saturn
and Mars so she may be able to pick up the understanding about the role very quickly but she must be taking enough time to digest the character and get into the role. She may be quite active in her routine life taking interest in various types of activities which also may include social and noble cause, and well read too, feels Ganesha.

As she is born with Sun in Sagittarius as per Vedic System of Astrology, Jupiter would play major role in her life. In 1998 when Jupiter was transiting through Aquarius, in Trine position from her Natal Jupiter, she became popular model for various ad films.

Vidya Balan gave a wonderful performance in Movie Parineeta by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, released in
September 2005. Ganesha notes that this is when transiting Jupiter entered Libra. The transit of Jupiter over its Natal position brought her into light, more prominently. At the same time, transiting Venus was passing through Libra – its own sign and sign of public projection. Because she has Saturn and Mars conjunct and Jupiter Square Venus, it was not very easy for her to get this role. She had to give around 40 screen tests for this movie! Moreover, she read the novel Praineeta sincerely to do justice to her role and it clicked. She also won Best Debut Filmfare award for Parineeta with favourable transit of Jupiter and Venus.

In 2007, Jupiter will be passing through Sextile position to her natal Venus in Capricorn and Saturn Mars in Virgo. Ganesha feels that 2007 would be the year when Vidya may again noticeably appear in Bollywood movies but another stroke of luck will be in the year 2008.

May Lord Ganesha bless Vidya with more achievements, wishes Ganesha on her birthday.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,