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Varun Dhawan may dance his way to audiences’ hearts with ABCD 2, says Ganesha. 

Varun Dhawan may dance his way to audiences’ hearts with ABCD 2, says Ganesha. 

Vivacious and peppy actor Varun Dhawan has a filmy lineage—he is the son of ace-director Dawid Dhawan, but the young actor has already managed to carve a niche of his own. His sly smile and school boy good looks have earned him fans and praises. He soon makes a lead appearance in the much awaited Walt Disney 3D movie – ABCD 2 (sequel of ABCD – Anybody Can Dance), which is all about dance. The movie features Varun Dhawan, the ace dancer Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor in lead roles. Varun Dhawan has garnered a lot of attention for his role in this movie. Will he zoom ahead onto the path of success, while riding on this movie’s success? Ganesha looks at Dhawan’s Solar Horoscope to predict the way ahead for him in the coming times.

Varun Dhawan
Date of Birth :- 24th April, 1987
Time of Birth :- Not Known
Place of Birth :- Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Solar Chart/ Horoscope

Astrological Observations :- (transits with reference to the Natal planets)

  • Varun Dhawan is born with the exalted Sun in Aries. Mars, the Lord of Aries, is in 2nd House of his Surya Kundli.
  • The exalted Venus – the Significator of arts and performance – is placed in the 12th House with Mercury, Rahu and Swagruhi Jupiter in Dhawan’s Chart.
  • Though Mercury is debilitated, due to its placement with the exalted Venus, it is in Neech Bhang (debilitation of Mercury gets cancelled).
  • During the year ahead, Saturn will be transiting over retrograde Saturn of Chart, and its will be aspecting Mars.
  • The transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Dhawan’s exalted Sun, after 14th July 2015.
  • He is also under the Rahu Ketu half return phase at present. This phase will rule till January 2016.
  • Ketu will be transiting over the Stellium of planets in Pisces Sign in Dhwan’s Chart.

Astrological Predictions

  • Currently, the transiting Jupiter is aspecting the Stellium of planets in Pisces in Varun Dhawan’s Chart. This is likely to give him good mileage, specifically for his performance in his current release ‘ABCD-2’. He will be appreciated for his performance. His creative talents (dancing ability etc.) will also be appreciated.
  • After July 2015, as transiting Jupiter will be aspecting Dhawan’s exalted Sun, he is likely to gain more popularity. This period will rule till 11th August 2015. His performance in the forthcoming movies will also be appreciated, thanks to this favourable planetary movement.
  • As Dhawan is currently under the Saturn return phase, he may face some hardships too, but the hard work done during Saturn return period will give him due rewards.
  • His relations with his female co-stars may not remain very cordial till January 2016. There may be co-star compatibility issue, specifically with females.

On the whole, coming year looks progressive for Varun Dhawan from his career perspective. Ganesha wishes him well.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team