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Understanding the 5 Elements

Understanding the 5 Elements

The Five Guas are equivalent to 5 Elements of the universe -Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. To encourage activity in any area of life, determine the Gua that suits your needs and use accessories that enhance the living that the Gua represents. For example, if you want to achieve Fame, place Fire objects (i.e., fireplace, candles) in the Fame Gua of your home and office.

You can also use things similar to the quality you want to attract. In this case, a picture of yourself, diplomas, awards, or other trophies could enhance the fame area. You could also include photos of the individuals you aspire to be like. For instance, I have photos of Oprah and Sir Richard Branson in my Fame area.

If you want to enhance your Wealth, gua (located in the far (back) left corner of your home, office, or individual room), place money objects, plant them with coin-shaped leaves, photos/postcards of money or a jewellery box.

The 5 elements of nature represent everything in the visible and invisible universe. In nature, we see the five elements in their natural forms. Trees and flowers represent Wood. The sun represents fire and is included in the slot of elements 5. In the realm of human-made objects, the elements are represented by colours, shapes and directions. What this means is that we can recreate nature indoors, using colours, shapes and everyday materials.

Each element from the 5 elements can help shift your energy and the energy of your space. When you understand the relationship of the five aspects of life and how they affect you, it will become much easier to harness the energy and direct it towards your best interest.

5 Elements Of Nature:- Wood Element

Wood is the originator of the Five Element cycle and represents the beginning of new life. Many people mistakenly use furniture as a Feng Shui solution. The problem with wood furniture is that it is lifeless. To harness the energy of Wood, you must use Wood that is alive. A shrub or bushy plant is ideal as it emits live chi and is also an excellent method of retaining chi. Plants recycle the air we breathe and provide a natural air filtration system.

A common Feng Shui problem is the staircase that empties into a doorway. A bushy plant can retain some of that chi when placed on the landing or the bottom of a staircase.

Remember that the key here is living Wood. Keep plants healthy and alive. A dead plant holds no chi and is Shar Chi (negative energy). If living plants are not an option for you, use silk plants, but never use plastic plants.

The colour green can represent Wood. When it comes to the Wood element, it is best to use living plants, shrubs, bushes, flowers or grass, as colours are not nearly as effective as the essential element. When there is not enough Wood in the environment, there’s nothing to believe.

You might become worried and anxious, not only about change but also about commitment. With no strong opinions, you might get along with others for a while but end up with an inability to speak out or stand up for yourself. If there is not enough Wood, it’s a simple matter to add flowers, plants, bonsai trees, aquatic plants in a bowl of water, or pictures of plants.

5 Elements Of Nature:- Fire Element

The Fire Element of all five elements is the most yang and is represented by the sun at its zenith. The middle of the day when the sun is high, hot and bright. In Feng Shui, we usually use a candle or the colour red. Being that fire is so yang, this is one example where colour does work well. For instance, a red night light or table lamp with a red shade make excellent fire remedies.

Fire of all 5 elements is the element of understanding, courtesy, and ceremony. A fire-dominated individual is usually reasonable and able to communicate feelings appropriately. This person holds no grudge and has compassion for others. However, when there is an imbalance in fire, it can manifest as an inability to project oneself forward with passion or spirit. A person working in a kitchen or other hot, enclosed space, or someone living in the desert or the shadow of a triangular-shaped mountain, can manifest extremes of emotion, from passive and lifeless to manic and overactive.

We suffer from stiff joints, dry skin, stormy eyes, and poor circulation with a lack of fire. We may be tired and lack passion or feel panic, anxiety and fear about the future. If your environment needs fire, build a fireplace, light candles or incense, place red flowers on the desk or nightstand in your bedroom. If you feel you need fire in your life, go outside during the day and breathe in the light of the sun. This is an easy way to increase your internal fire.

Too much fire can manifest as a volatile, critical, loud, and obnoxious individual who angrily incites disputes and arguments. If you want to reduce fire, add ceramic pots, clay tiles and other earthy substances or colours. Additionally, you can use water in its many forms, fountains, bowls of water, glass items, or pictures of oceans and lakes. If you feel you have too much fire, go outside during the evening and breathe in the moonlight. Breathing out at night is a sure way to calm down. This is an old folk remedy.

5 Elements Of Nature:- Earth Element

The energy of the earth is reliable, dependable, calm and centring. The planet Saturn rules the earth and is represented by solidity and security. The colour associated with the earth is yellow, probably derived from the yellow soil of China.

Five elements of earth are all the materials that come from the earth, clay, bricks, concrete, ceramic tile, marble, sand and rocks are associated with earth. The shapes that represent the Earth element are square, box-like, or flat. Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? The first one built his house of straw, the second out of Wood, and the third made his house of bricks. Of course, the place of bricks lasted the longest. If you want to have a solid and reliable home, live in an Earth-type house.

Five elements of the human body are represented by sympathy, trust, integrity and a well-balanced person who is reliable and sincere. The person with too little earth will disappear when the check arrives. The person with too much earth will offer to pick up the bill but will have to borrow money from others to do it. Residing in a tall building or living underground may cause an imbalance in the earth. With too much earth, we may have difficulty attracting money or resources.

To create a more balanced environment, add Metal, such as silver, brass, copper, mirrored or reflective surfaces, or the colour white. The addition of plants or the colour green also reduces Earth imbalances. If you feel lethargic or off-balance or suffer from low self-esteem, lack of direction, or an inability to set goals, there may be too little earth in your environment. Add Earth elements in the way of sand and rock gardens, bonsai trees in ceramic bowls, rocks, stone jars, pottery, marble, statuary, or earthly colours of gold, orange or yellow. Fire increases the earth, so add pottery oil lamps, incense, candles or the colour red.

Five Elements Of Universe :-The Metal Element

Metal is the element of Fall and represents letting go, withdrawal and reversal. When you hold on to the past, there might be an excess of Metal.

Symptoms of excessive Metal include constipation, inhibition, or breathing disorders. In acupuncture, Metal is associated with the lungs. Trouble accepting reality manifests as stiff joints and poor circulation. There may be an emphasis on money and the material world.

When there is an excess of Metal, add fire remedies such as candles, incense, a red porcelain vase, and gold or brass candle holders. Another way to reduce Metal is to add water in the form of water gardens, fountains, bowls of water, or a glass water dispenser. You can also add the Earth element in sand, rocks, or tiles to create a more balanced environment.

Metal represents morals, ethics, righteousness, and precise thinking. Individuals ruled by Metal can communicate well and can speak up or be silent when appropriate. There is careful thinking as well as new thoughts and ideas.

Too little Metal makes a person quiet, cautious, and careful. This person can be as challenging to get along with as too much Metal and might be talkative, righteous, overly enthusiastic, and impulsive in speech and behaviour. Emotional grief is a symptom of a Metal imbalance.

There may be an inability to organise thoughts and resources; objects may be lost due to scattered attention and lack of focus. To add Metal to any environment, use the colours white, grey, or black-and-white patterns. Silver trays, metal cookware, brass pots, gold jewellery, wrought-iron railings, steel furniture, metal sculptures and anything made of any metal can be used. Real or fake money, gold coins, or medals can be placed strategically to attract more resources.

Metal enables us to focus and concentrate. If you want to emphasise Metal in your life, wear a metal ring on the finger representing the activity you desire. Wear the ring on the finger of your left hand if you are male, the right hand if you are female:

  • Thumb: Personal Power
  • Index Finger: Scholarly Success
  • Middle Finger: Stability
  • Ring Finger: Love
  • Small Finger: Creativity

The key to remember Feng Shui Elements is about creating a beautiful environment. When utilising the Metal Element, ensure that it is rounded and pleasing, not sharp and pointed. Items should blend into the atmosphere, be beautiful, and include white, silver, or gold colours.

5 Elements Of Nature:- The Water Element

Water is what gives life to our planet. Without it, we would not exist. In Feng Shui, Water is a beneficial element. Water should be clear and flowing, as stagnant water can create more problems than it solves.

The Water element is represented by communication, the transmission of ideas, wisdom, and social interaction. If there is an imbalance in water, the individual may be lonely, isolated, forgetful, infertile, or impotent. He or she may suffer from rigid joints, dull vision, and lack of clarity, insomnia, disturbing dreams, or feelings of inferiority.

When there is too much active water, the individual is like an ocean. Unconfined, overwhelmed and overpowering. When there is too little moving water, an individual is like water dripping off rocks or like a fountain that bubbles constantly yet goes nowhere. Water rules social interaction and if you want to activate the Water element in your life to be more popular, call someone you haven’t talked to in six months or make a point to introduce yourself to one new person every time you go out. Make no complaints or requests. This is a cost-free and straightforward cure and one that works.

An imbalance in water often coincides with confused thinking. For clarity, place a bowl of clean water next to your bed at night. Visualise your mind being as clear as the water. In the morning, replace the water. Do this until you have attained the clarity you desire. The addition of clean water can improve any environment. It is pretty simple to add the Water element to any environment by placing bowls of clean water, fountains, water coolers, or glass objects such as vases and jars. Adding an object or colour from the Metal category encourages the water to be more present. Water can also be represented by the colours blue or black.

Pancha Bhoota Five Elements – Functioning In The Body

As per the ayurvedic practice, five essential elements of life are responsible for the functioning of our body.

Earth is about solid entities in bones, skin, flesh, hair, tissues etc.

Water is fluids such as urine, blood, sweat etc.

Air is movement and breath.

Fire is Agni which is hunger, digestion, sleep and thirst

Space is what determines our fears

Impact On Five Essential Elements Of Wellbeing.

The disturbances that our body could see due to an imbalance in any of the five elements – earth, air, fire, water, space.

  • Imbalance in the earth element could lead to weight loss, weight gain, pain in the bones and muscles.
  • Inequality in the water element can lead to cold, asthma, blood thinning.
  • Imbalance in the air element could lead to bp issues, muscle pain, lung issues.
  • Imbalance in the fire element leads to an extremity such as mental issues, temperature fluctuation, issues in digestion, temperature fluctuations.
  • Imbalance in the Space element can impact the throat, speech, ears.

Imbalance In The 5 Basic Elements

Out of the five main elements, fire and air help to purify both body and mind.

Water, fire and air are inclusive of cleansing all the parts of our body. Whereas water also is used in Hatha yoga for cleaning.

Fire helps to remove the impurities as it is a very strong and powerful cleanser. Asanas are one of the potent ways to regulate inward fire. The regulated fire will burn off the toxins and enhance the Agni within ourselves to improve digestion, metabolism, and stabilisation.

Air is an element that helps to clear out toxins. Air is an element that intensifies the Agni in our body that allows the life force which purifies the body. Air, amongst the 5 aspects of life, circulates through the entire body, increasing the body’s lightness and inner strength.

Pranayama and asanas are methods that balance the elements of the body to balance the energy forces. Air is the element that moves the energy and prana within the body to improve energy and consciousness.

Relationship Between 5 Elements Of Human Body

There is a relationship between the list of five elements. Some are enemies and destroy each other’s energies, such as fire and water, and there are some which smoothly co-exist, such as earth and water. The elements can live together.

These were the five elements of nature and body that work for your development and enhancement of your body.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team