Things to Get Better? Gauri Khan Birthday Predictions

Published on October 15, 2021

gauri khan

With an impressive clientele such as Roberto Cavalli, Ralph Lauren, and Mukesh Ambani, interior designer Gauri Khan does not bask under the sun as being just a superstar wife. She is a celebrity in her own right. To top it, she has also produced more than half a dozen movies for her husband Shah Rukh Khan.

However, all is not well in paradise since her son Aryan Khan was caught in a drug bust by Mumbai Police. The Khan family will be going through tough times as Gauri celebrates her 51st birthday on Friday, Oct 8. Yes, her zodiac sign is Libra. Why do you think she strived to balance everything perfectly in her life?

As per her Solar birth chart, Venus in her Libra and exalted Mercury makes her horoscope strong. But at the same time, Mars-Ketu’s Angarak Dosha and Saturn’s weak position in the chart brings negativity in her life. However, soon, Jupiter will say Main Hoon Na (Fun fact: her first movie as a producer) as the planet transits over her natal Mars, pulling her out of the adversities.

The Mahadasha of Jupiter starting from Oct 28, 2023, also promises good times!

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