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The year ahead may alter Manisha’s outlook towards life, predicts Ganesha

The year ahead may alter Manisha’s outlook towards life, predicts Ganesha

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha to aisa laga…jaise khilta gulab, jaise shayar ka khwaab….!

Her Nepali nationality has never become a hurdle for her career. In fact, it will be unfair to consider this ethereal beauty a foreigner. After all, she has spent her childhood in Delhi and Varanasi and has grown up in India. Who’s she?

No prizes for guessing – it’s Manisha Koirala we are talking about! The Nepali beauty came into the Indian film industry like a breath of fresh air! Although her debut Hindi film Saudagar starred Bollywood heavyweights, Raj Kumar and Dilip Kumar, she managed to make her presence felt. Over the years, she has given her audiences some wonderful performances in the films like 1942: A Love Story, Bombay, Khamoshi: The Musical, Dil se, Lajja etc. She is also actively involved in social work, especially issues related to women’s rights, prevention of human trafficking of Nepali girls etc.

Once voted as the most beautiful actress of Bollywood, Manisha has not been having much success at the box-office for a number of years now.
Her social work has changed a lot of lives, but her own personal life has gone through a plenty of ups and down. How is her next year going to be? Will she be able to solve her personal and professional problems? As her birthday is round the corner, Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology, tries to find out the answers.

Manisha Koirala
Date of birth:- 16th August, 1970
Time of birth:- Unknown
Place of birth:- Kathmandu, Nepal


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  • During the year ahead Jupiter will be transiting over her Natal Saturn, and later it will form Trine with Natal Venus.
  • Saturn will be transiting over Natal Venus till November, 2011 and later, it will transit over Natal Jupiter.
  • There is opposition of Jupiter and Saturn in her chart. The same pattern is going to get repeated in transit, and will operate between November, 2011 and May, 2012.
  • Rahu will be transiting through 5th House from Sun and Ketu will form Sextile with Natal Sun, but will be in Trine from Natal Venus, the significator of arts/creativity.

  • The year ahead is going to change Manisha’s ‘philosophy of life.’
  • Ganesha feels that her film career may remain very average in the coming year. However, she may come across some opportunities to work on the international platform.
  • Ganesha feels that she is going go through emotional upheavals and may not be able to pay much attention to her personal life. This unrest, if not handled properly, can also lead her to make rash decisions regarding her personal life.
  • Ganesha feels that Manisha will now have to work very hard to remain in touch with the mainstream cinema.
  • Social welfare and charity work may continue to hold her attention and she may get more involved into such activities. She may become more spiritual and try find out the much needed answers.
  • Manisha is very unlikely to have major commercial hits in the coming next year, foresees Ganesha.

All in all, the year ahead seems very average for Manisha’s film career. She may continue her spiritual journey in the next year as well.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team