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The New American Idol David Cook is loving and sensitive

The New American Idol David Cook is loving and sensitive

David Cook, the New American Idol winner, had amassed 97 million votes in the Reality Show. He also broke the record for most text messages and earned the distinction of receiving an apology from the judge, Simon Cowell. His sensitivity and talent have been noted by fans and music critics alike.Cook landed up in the show by accident, as initially he went to the auditions to support his brother and thought of trying out himself at the last minute. Prior to his American Idol journey he was a songwriter and a lead singer for the band Axium for six years.Astrological Analysis:

Sun is posited in Sagittarius sign, says Ganesha. It provides him hopeful and positive viewpoint. Sagittarius sign craves for adventure and experiences that are intense and unrestrained and longs to know the truth about life. David’s creativity, inspiration, and generosity come from a conjunction of his Sun to Neptune which is the planet of compassion and transcendence and reveals a romantic bent as well as artistic talents. This Neptune conjunction can put a constraint on David’s natural confidence and make it more difficult for him to be clear about his goals and desires. Pluto, the planet of personal empowerment and transformation, is positively aspected to both the Sun and Neptune and this is a wonderful grace note in his chart, indicating the probability of success and personal growth.Mars is posited in Aquarius. Mars is the significator of one’s hidden power and also a well aspected Mars can easily provide a intrepid nature and guts, feels Ganesha. It gives David a bit of eccentricity and the desire to surprise people. Aquarius is the revolutionary sign and Mars is the planet of drive and motivation. In Aquarius Mars becomes the radical thinker.

The placement of Jupiter shows responsibility and commitment to his associates, and through the Sagittarian side of him, he will really enjoy being able to name drop as he meets more and more famous people. Venus in Capricorn indicates a reserved, cautious, refined and somewhat cool romantic nature. Venus describes how we relate to others, and in Capricorn we find a practical and reserved individual who can be somewhat cool in romantic situations. David shall not jump into impulsive love affairs unless he is stimulated by a planetary cycle that causes him to give up his usual caution.

Ganesha does not have much biographical data regarding him, but clearly the phase during the transit of Pluto over natal Sun/Neptune conjunction might be a time of enormous change for him. The past couple of years have been a time of big change for David. Transit of Pluto can be very difficult for some people because of the necessity for change, but for those who understand that change is inevitable, Pluto cycles can be incredible allies and it looks like this is true for David.

Planetary forces indicate a combination of tremendous creativity and good luck combined with a generous and loving spirit, blended with a responsible and practical nature. American Idol is only a beginning for David Cook.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,