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The legend Bruce Lee was…

The kung-fu king of the world Bruce Lee had long become a chapter of history but the world still remembers this legendary karate artist with reverence and love. During his short life, the punch-happy champion has gained fame and name to such an extent that even the Hollywood stars were given a good run for their money. Had he lived for long, he would sure have become the highest paid actor of the world. But unfortunately he met with a mysterious death in his young age. Ganesha celebrates his birthday (November 27, 1940) with astrological analysis of his life.

The sun sign represents the ego. In Freudian terms, this was referred to as ‘the conscious mind’. He has Scorpio Ascendant with placement of Sun in first house. Retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter are in Bharani Nakshatara. Rahu is posited in eleventh house. Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury are in conjunction in twelfth hose. Bruce Lee – a great Martial Artist was born under influence of Rahu-Mercury-Moon mahadasha period. As per Chinese Zodiac also, the day when Lee was born was ruled by Dragon.

Sun trine Pluto conferred a strong will and an excellent ability to concentrate. Lee was under influence of Saturn – Venus – Mercury Mahadasha period. Jupiter was transiting from second house in Sagittarius, due to its aspect in sixth and tenth house he got tremendous fame for his work and appearance.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant (The strongest Co-operative aspect meaning the ‘ego’ and the horizon of the horoscope) symbolizes the relationships with people are at 0 degrees, therefore are working together. Sun conjunct Pluto also contributed to his basic expression of his will and intensity. These people have tremendous trust on their God as well as on their own.

The next part represents Bruce Lee’s subconscious personality. This is determined by the position of the Moon. Moon is posited in Swati in Libra where Retrograde Saturn and Retrograde Jupiter are posited in Bharani. Ganesha feels this 180 degree aspect very fruitful for him. Moon and Saturn both rule over Crown Chakara. Lee had fantastic ability to concentrate any object.

Transits of Bruce Lee’s subconscious
Moon Conjunct Mercury
Moon Conjunct Mars
Moon Opposite Jupiter
Moon Opposite Saturn

Moon Conjunct Mercury (Most powerful co-operative aspect, linking the emotions and the ability to communicate since these planets are 0 degrees from each other)

Moon conjunct Mars (Linking the emotions and the need for assertion, while this is the strongest co-operative transit it can have many negative effects)

Moon Opposite Jupiter (The strongest tense aspect when the Moon and Jupiter are 180 degrees from each other. Separates the Subconscious with the Wisdom)

Moon Opposite Saturn (A great tension between the Subconscious and the restricting aspect of the mind. When the Moon and Saturn are at 180 degrees)

With Venus in Libra in 12th house, there is much passion and force in relationships dealing with romance and emotions. As a rule, natives’ power of attraction is great, though this may go to their head! They usually pay enormous amounts of energy and attention to their close friends and lovers.

Conjunction of Mercury, Moon and Venus in Swati made him a good writer and philosopher. Lee was impressed by Indian Vedic Philosophy. Lee had always tried to learn fighting skills from each and every animal as well as bird also.

In his all writings, we can find the result of Saturn – Jupiter conjunction. Spiritual inclination was due to retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter. The strongest co-operation between the Planet of Growth and the planet of Limitation.

To conclude, Bruce’s Lee life was written in the stars. His financial problems and difficulties in early life were often defined by the oppositions and squares he faced with Saturn. His aggressive energy which he channeled into martial arts was the result of his horoscope being heavily concentrated in Mars. And his classical ‘intensity’ was signified in his continuing signs of ‘Scorpio’.

The following are few Bruce Lee’s philosophy:

“Be formless… shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle. You put it into a teapot; it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, and it can crash. Be like water, my friend…

“The more relaxed mind is, the more energy can flow through the mind.

In short, simplicity is another name of Bruce Lee. The world feels a great vacuum without the presence of legendary king of Kung-Fu, Bruce Lee.

May Lord Ganesha give peace to his soul!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,