The Comeback Of Rani Mukherjee – Will Stars Be Her Helping Hand?

Published on November 19, 2021

The Comeback Of Rani Mukherjee – Will Stars Be Her Helping Hand?

The entertainment industry frequently presents stories that touch our hearts. Bunty Aur Babli is one of them. The film continues to entertain people even after so many years. The first part was not only a big success but also a complete entertainment package. And now the makers are back to screens with Bunty and Babli 2 in a brand new avatar. The film will release on Nov 19, 2021, starring Rani Mukherji and Saif Ali Khan.

Rani is a well-known Bollywood actress who has given a lot of blockbuster films and songs to the film industry. She is also among the most successful actresses in B-town.

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Rani Mukerji was born on Mar 21, 1978 in Mumbai. In her solar chart, Sun, Ketu, Mercury, and Venus are present in Pisces. There is also a weak Raj Yog due to the combination of Mercury and Venus. The Moon in its own sign with weak Mars is also present. Although the setting of planets in her birth chart looks weak, other strong planets overpower the weak ones, helping her perform well and choose something different from the other actors.

Till Dec 18, 2021, the time looks good resulting in her performance getting high appreciation by her fans in Bunty Aur Babli 2. Post this, the period may become a bit challenging for Rani. The stars are suggesting to be a little cautious while signing any new projects or films.

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