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Tanisha Mukherjee – starting afresh

Tanisha Mukherjee – starting afresh

Tanisha Mukherjee: This actress has some pedigree, being the daughter of Somu Mukherjee and Tanuja. She is the younger sister of Kajol, and the grape vine has it that her decision to participate in the 7th edition of Bigg Boss has not gone down well with her elder sis. Despite the fact that she has acting in her genes, none of her films got her noticed for her acting skills. So, will Bigg Boss 7 be the boost that her career needs? Only time will answer that question.

Tanisha Mukherjee is born with Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. Jupiter and Saturn both are retrograde, Mercury is in Scorpio. Tanisha may take good initiatives, however she would expect to receive appreciation from others. She may often give sarcastic remarks to others, but she herself won’t be able to bear criticism. It’s very easy to pull her down/break her confidence just by hurting her emotionally or just by instilling negativity in her mind. Her thoughts and views may be unconventional. Born with degreecal Square of Sun and Rahu – she must avoid getting into conflict with the authority which here is the Bigg Boss.

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