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Tabu: Birthday Wishes from Ganesha

Tabu: Birthday Wishes from Ganesha

The multi talented actress of Bollywood Tabu will celebrate her birthday on 4th November. She has given some memorable performances in films like Takshak, Hera Pheri, Meenakshi and the list goes on. She has explored almost every genre of films and proved her talent time and again. Ganesha wishes her a very happy and successful year ahead and also explores what future has in store for this lovely actress.

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The marvellous refreshing face, immeasurable talent and heighted actress aka Tabassum (Tabu) was born on 4th November 1970 in Hyderabad with rising Sagittarius Moon sign. Venus- the significator of acting and art is powerful which is posited in the eleventh house from the Moon. Because of that she is known for her acting talents and outstanding performance in many challenging roles. Because current transit of Jupiter is unfavourable, she is not getting success. Sun is debilitated in her chart that is situated in the eleventh house of fulfilment. Saturn is also weak. However, next year will be very good and favourable for her. The combust planet Jupiter as well as Mercury are situated in eleventh house. This combination doesn’t bring high amount of success. However, during next year transiting Jupiter will be favourable. Fifth, seventh as well as ninth house will be aspected by transiting Jupiter in next year. This means that she will be blessed by benefice Jupiter in the next year. Plus Venus is aspecting fifth house in Moon chart, which denotes that she will perform very well in acting field. Considering all the planetary position along with transits, Ganesha feels that her future in acting field will be bright. She will make some improvement at professional front. Her financial position will also improve. Happiness and ceremony are likely to be seen in her family. As far as profession is concerned, she will travel more and gain more. She will attain new heights and reach a new horizon of honour and fame in her professional life. Ganesha feels that in next year she may have betterment as far as money matters and financial affairs are concerned. She will be able to increase new sources of monetary flow.

Ganesha wishes her all the success and glory this birthday! May she continue receiving name and fame!

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Ganesha’s Grace,
The Ganeshaspeaks Team