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Good news for long run investors of Suzlon Energy

Good news for long run investors of Suzlon Energy

The Company was incorporated in 1995 by Tulsi Tanti. Tulsi Tanti was primarily in the textile business and was introduced to wind energy through a wind power project that he had commissioned for his textile factory. The first subscribers to the Memorandum were the family members and friends of Tulsi Tanti. The Company entered into a technical collaboration agreement in 1995 with a German company, Sudwind GmbH Windkrafttanlagen to source the latest technology for the production of WTGs in India. Sudwind GmbH Windkrafttanlagen was subsequently taken over by Sudwind Energiesysteme GmbH (Sudwind). The parties entered into a fresh agreement on September 30, 1996, under which Sudwind proposed to share technical know-how relating to 0.27 MW, 0.30 MW, 0.35 MW, 0.60 MW and 0.75 MW WTGs in consideration for royalty to be paid on the basis of each WTG sold over the course of five years from the date of this agreement.

Price study:
Ganesha has observed that the Equity price of Suzlon Energy has kissed the figure of 2299, which is its all time high price. This event occurred on January 09, 2008. Currently it is being traded around the surface of 270 as on April 02, 2008. During this phase the stock price has been split by the B.O.D. Ganesha foresees the downtrend for the short-term. It cannot show a strong bullish pattern in very short term. Investors can sell or short-sell Suzlon for very short term.

Suzlon can show you a price target of 350, 367.50, and 378.85 respectively on a quarterly basis. Traders can hold Suzlon for medium term, says Ganesha.

Investors looking for a long run must buy Suzlon as it can show the price targets of 389.25, 416.78, and 436.03 respectively. On the long run prices shall fluctuate more, so traders and investors should not worry about intermediate price fluctuations.

Short Term: Investors must Hold and in F & O Sell for April.

Medium Term: Hold.
Long Term: Buy.
Time study:

Ganesha analyzes the Scorpio rising Ascendant with deposition of Venus in Jyestha Constellation. Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are in conjunction in twelfth houseRahu is in fifth house whereas Saturn in the ninth. Moon is in conjunction with retrograde Mars in sixth house. Short term phase till April 2008 shall be weak for price due to the transit of Mercury from fifth house. But transiting Venus can assist in maintaining the price on the surface. May, June and August are very crucial as per Ganesha’s View. The key important dates for the change in trend are as follows.

May: 1, 8, 9, 12, 13, 22 to 23 and 29 to 31 are very important dates for change in trend.

June: 1, 2, 19, 20, 23, 24 are very important.

August: One of the most important months for change in trend. 7, 8, 16, 17, 23, 24.

Investors can sell or short-sell Suzlon for very short term as down trend for short term is anticipated. Traders can hold Suzlon for medium term. Investors having a long run view must buy Suzlon as it can show the high price targets. They should not worry about intermediate price fluctuations as there is probability of price fluctuation in the long run. August is the vital month in which changes in trends are envisaged.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,