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Sushmita Sen – A Multifaceted Personality born on 19th Nov. 75

Sushmita Sen – A Multifaceted Personality born on 19th Nov. 75

Speak of Sushmita Sen and you instantly come to know that we are talking of the Glamorous Indian Actress of the film industry and Winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 1994.

The daughter of an air-force officer, she wanted to become an air hostess, but all the slog made her change her mind and then she wanted to become a pilot. However destiny had it otherwise as she claims that she is an actress by accident. It was one of her friends that insisted her to do modeling and so began her venture. She won the Miss Universe title in 1994 and like any typical beauty queen came into the film industry with her first movie- Dastak in November’96.

A Scorpion by birth, she endows all the scorpion characteristics – determined and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate, exciting and extremely magnetic. She is a mystery in herself. She lives life on her own terms.

As per her astro-chart, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn are retrograde in her chart which means that she has a lot of depth within. Retrograde planets indicate ‘Purva Punya’ or Past Karmas. She is here for a specific task says Ganesha besides having fame and fortune.

Other than being an actress, there is much more to her. In her birth chart – Venus is in exchange with Mercury so she though her acting skills may not be that polished, she is multitalented. Significator of arts i.e.
Venus is exchanging energy with planet signifying intellect, Mercury. What a wonderful combination! Her artistic inclinations are such that she is also a remarkable writer and a painter too. One of her painting fetched $50,000 at an auction in Dubai. The money went to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research center in Pakistan. Her recent painting was the face of Goddess Kali at an art exhibition. She is now penning her thoughts for her autobiography. She has been writing poems since adolescence.

Ganesha firmly believes that Sushmita will not just stay in the film industry but will also explore other forms of arts along with her film career and fame.

Motherhood becomes kindly of her as her adopted daughter is the apple of her eyes. However hectic her schedule she makes it a point to be with her daughter when required. She is also a very religious devotee and worships Ma Durga and Ma Shakti everyday and visits Vaishnav Devi every year.

Her prayers will be answered as Jupiter is in her strong favor during the next year. She may come across opportunities to do different types of roles with Jupiter transit over her Natal Sun and Saturn Ketu Square to
Sun at the same time. Ganesha also feels that she may take some interest in spirituality in the days to come. She may also be planning her finances by doing some charitable deeds. She may also take further interest in writing 2007 onwards, feels Ganesha. She may do some challenging roles also. She also has scope of getting a foreign movie
but in the later part of next year.

On your birthday, Ganesha wishes you the very best in all your future endeavors.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,