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Spotlight may beam on the action-man Sunny Deol post May 2013, feels Ganesha.

Spotlight may beam on the action-man Sunny Deol post May 2013, feels Ganesha.

Sunny Deol, aptly called the action king of Bollywood, is the son of Bollywood’s legendary actor Dharmendra. Known for his action packed, volatile performances like those in the blockbusters such as Damini, Ghayal and Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, he has mesmerised the audiences with his power packed performances. Sunny Deol has won two National Film Awards and two Filmfare awards. Sunny Deol made his début opposite Amrita Singh in Betaab in the year 1983. His portrayal as a Sikh truck driver Tara Singh who falls for a Muslim girl in the moive Gadar:Ek Prem Katha went on to become an epic performance. The movie itself, an all out blockbuster and one of the highest grossers, won rave reviews, and that surely would not have been possible without Sunny’s magnetic dialogue delivery. Sunny Deol has also tried his hands as a producer and a director. He continues to be a prominent Hindi film actor. On his 53rd birthday, Ganesha looks at his natal chart to find what lies ahead for him.

Sunny Deol
Date of birth:- 19th October 1959
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- New Delhi, India
Sunny Deol’s Surya Kundali

Astrological Observations

  • Sunny Deol is born with Venus and Sun exchange.
  • Ganesha notes that till the last week of December 2012, Rahu will be transiting over his Natal Jupiter.
  • After that, Rahu will be transiting over Sunny’s Natal Sun, Mars, Neptune and Mercury.
  • Saturn is already transiting over his Natal Sun, Mars, Neptune and Mercury.
  • Transiting Jupiter is currently in opposition to the Natal Jupiter. After May 2013, transiting Jupiter will form Trine with the Stellium of planets, Sunny has in Libra.

Astrological Predictions

  • Considering all the aforementioned points, Ganesha feels that Sunny is going to face high tides and low tides at the career front till mid of 2013 but after that, he will be back in power, despite Saturn and Rahu’s hard transit over Stellium in Libra.
  • Ganesha feels that he may face some financial constraints (as a producer) during the year ahead but will manage to come out of it in some time.
  • He will have to be extra careful, though, while attempting any stunts or action scenes, because there are chances of a physical injury, feels Ganesha.
  • The second half of the year 2013 is going to bring him on the forefront yet again. Sunny will not only make money during that period, but will also shine again as an actor and producer.
  • His personal life may remain slightly disturbed during the year ahead, which will also make him feel upset and he may remain emotionally stressed.

On the whole, Sunny Deol’s time ahead looks good, especially post December 2012 and even better after May 2013. That is when his career may gain momentum again. Ganesha wishes him well.

Ganesha wishes him many happy returns of the day.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team