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Sukumar’s Horoscope surely indicates tremendous potential, but mixed experiences await him in 2016!

Sukumar’s Horoscope surely indicates tremendous potential, but mixed experiences await him in 2016!

Ganesha predicts that the director will be nominated for some award in the period before 11th August, 2016!
Sukumar Bandreddi or just Sukumar is a bright star, who has been shining brightly in the South-Indian film industry with his brilliant film-making skills! Born in East Godavari, Sukumar did his schooling from the ZP High Schoolm Razole and graduated from Government College, Razole. This master director also worked as a mathematics lecturer at Aditya Educational Institutions in Kakinada. Having made his film-making debut with the blockbuster romantic comedy – Arya, which fetched him the Filmfare Award for Best Director, Sukumar has come a long way and has established himself as one of the most prominent directors of the South-Indian film-industry. He has also won the Nandi Award for the Best Sreenplay Writer. His next assignment is Nannaku Prematho, which is being touted as an action-drama and will be starring NTR Junior. Sukumar seems to be surrounded by a lot of action and activity currently, but what do his planets indicate about his future in 2016 and beyond? Will he be able to deliver another super-duper blockbuster hit in the coming months? Let’s find out with this special astrological take by Ganesha!

Sukumar Bandreddi – director
Date of birth:- 11 January 1971
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Hyderabad, India

Sukumar – Surya Kundli

  • Mars – the significator of vitality is in exchange with Venus – the signficator of arts. This makes him highly creative and artistic. A Parivartana Yoga of this sort is considered to be a blessing for a person into the creative and entertainment fields. One more thing that this configuration indicates is that he likes to channelise his energies into creative and artistic pursuits and he will also be passionate about it.
  • Saturn is Anyo Anya Uchcha as Saturn is in Aries – the sign ruled by Mars and Mars is in Saturn’s sign of exaltation – Libra. This indicates that he can be an efficient planner and organiser and can use his energy as well as aggression in a well controlled manner. By this placement, we can make out that he doesn’t waste energy behind meaningless pursuits. He would also be a highly determined person, with an eye-on-the-target approach!
  • Additionally, it is to be noted there is a triangular connection between Saturn, Mars and Venus, as the Saturn is in Mars’s Sign (Aries), Mars is in Venus’ Sign (Libra), and Venus is in the Sign ruled by Mars (Scorpio). This creates a great planetary phenomenon and we can deduce that these three planets are in harmonious relationship with each other.
  • Ganesha points out that there is a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in Scorpio. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Venus is significator of arts/creativity. This expands, enhances and empowers his creative abilities. He has the capability to think beyond what others can think and thus he will be able to come up with commendable concepts and thoughts. Romance will be his forte in the creative field as Venus is gets empowered in a double-edged manner (due to the conjunction with Jupiter and because of exchange of Houses with Mars)!
  • Sukumar is also blessed with a Budh-Aditya Yoga and this blesses him with great imagination and intelligence and with the help of this, he is able to express his ideas and thoughts with great flair on the big screen.

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  • Transit of Jupiter in Trine with natal Sun and Mercury till 11th August, 2016 indicates that he will come up with a good movie. He will start working on a very ambitious project. However, due to the Rahu-Ketu half return phase, he is most likely to face obstacles in his forthcoming projects between 30th January, 2016 and August 2017.
  • He may be nominated for some award within the period of 11th of August, 2016, predicts Ganesha!
  • Saturn’s transit over Natal Venus also indicates that by 26th January, 2017, he will start working on some long term project. On one hand, he will surely be able to do well in that project, but on the other hand, may face obstacles because of the obstructive influence of Saturn.
  • It is to be noted that previously when Jupiter had transited through the Sign of Leo (in year 2004) – Sukumar’s movie ‘Arya’ became a blockbuster. But now, we cannot expect the similar kind of show during this Jupiter transit through Leo operating till 11th August, 2016 due to other adverse planetary transits. But a semi-blockbuster or a movie that runs well at the box office can surely be expected.
  • As a producer, if he takes up a very big budget movie, he may face financial problems. Financial risks or misadventures must be avoided because that may spoil his terms with others too owing to the Rahu Ketu half return phase. This doesn’t mean that the period is negative, but he needs to be cautious in matters of finance while planning any movie.
  • As a director – his progress will undoubtedly be good as transiting Jupiter will be aspecting natal Sun and Mercury. That means, he will select a good script and will be able to direct it pretty well.

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  • September 2017 to October 2018 is the period during which he will be highly active and occupied with various projects. The mentioned period will be much better than the current one.
  • Ganesha foresees an even better and brighter period for about an year starts from October 2018. Sukumar should look forward to that period to work on delivering a hit that will break all of his own previous records!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team