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Sucess may not come on a platter for Tusshar Kapoor in 2012

Sucess may not come on a platter for Tusshar Kapoor in 2012

Following in his famous father Jumping Jack Jeetendra’s footsteps, Tusshar Kapoor entered Hindi film industry with the very sentimental Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai in the year 2001. The movie set the cash registers ringing, more because of the charm of the fresh lead pair and the very lovely Kareena Kapoor than the storyline. But, a hit is a hit! Tusshar had made his presence felt. He had managed to intrigue the audiences with his brooding looks and famous lineage. Add to that the strong support of his super successful producer sister Ekta, and here was a sure-shot hit actor in making. But it was not meant to be. A string of forgettable films later (some of them produced by Ekta Kapoor herself) Tusshar was still waiting to make it big. Critics were quick to write him off, and so were the audiences.

The promising star kid had been relegated to the background, despite his dancing ability and spontaneity. However, in 2006, Tusshar’s career received a new lease of life with Golmaal, where he played a mute yet comic character named Lucky. In this unconventional role, Tusshar grabbed a lot of attention, audiences laughed at his antics and fell in love with his character. Lucky proved to be truly lucky for Tusshar, as he received a number of awards and critical acclaim for his hilarious performance. Two sequels of Golmaal later, Tusshar has done his best to avoid getting typecast, and has appeared in a variety of roles. Today, films like Shootout at Lokhandvala, Shor in the City have helped him establish himself as a versatile actor.

Tusshar celebrated his birthday recently, and awaits the release of ‘The Dirty Picture’. What will the coming year bring for him? When will he be able to carry a film single-handedly on his shoulders? What kind of roles should he take up? Ganesha, with the help of Vedic astrology tries to find out all this and more.

Date of birth:- 20th November, 1976
Time of birth:- Unknown
City of birth:- Mumbai, Maharashtra

Tusshar Kapoor’s Surya Kundli

  • Tusshar is born with VenusJupiter exchange. Jupiter is retrograde in his chart. Mars isSwagruhi.
  • Currently, Jupiter is transitingover Ketu in his chart and after May 2012 he will be under theinfluence of Jupiter return phase.
  • Natal Moon is afflicted by Rahu.(As Moon didn’t change the sign on the day he was born, Libra can beconsidered as his Moon sign in spite of unavailability of his birth time)
  • Saturn will be transiting overNatal Moon and Rahu during the year ahead.
  • Rahu will be transiting overNatal Sun, Mars and Mercury, whereas Ketu will be transiting overNatal Jupiter.

  • Ganesha feels that Tusshar islikely to face hardships in his career as a film star during theyear ahead. However, there will be some good phases, too.
  • During December 2011 he will beunder the influence of Venus return. This phase is promising forhim. Similarly, second quarter of 2012 is likely to be good, during which he may remain in the limelight.
  • For almost six months from now,transiting Mars will be in Leo, forming Square with Natal Mars andSun in his chart. This indicates scope of physical injury. Tusshar must avoid doing risky stunts during the said time frame.
  • Tusshar will have to take verygood care of health throughout the year ahead. He should avoidplaying very serious roles in the films, especially when Saturn transits over Natal Moon and Rahu, as there are chances of falling prey to negative thinking/pessimistic approach/depression, feels Ganesha.

Overall, the year ahead is likely to be very average, as far as Tusshar’s acting career is concerned.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team